It's baaack....

If the weather ferrets are kind I will be spending most of today traveling to Boise.

YAH!!!  *does happy dance*

But before I go, I wanted to make a short announcement.

Last year, I started a side blog with the ambitious idea of picking a book for every year of my life.  That blog got lost in the shuffle of learning to blog, learning to twitter, moving, etc. But I still love the idea.

So it's back!  My Life of Books blog has a new face, some new organization, and hopefully, some more years added in the near future.  Come follow it and learn about my favorite zoo animal, the way I learned to read, and who my favorite poet is.

This project is one of my New Year's Resolutions.  What's one of yours?


  1. A few years ago I made a resolution never to make New Year's resolutions and I have kept this one.

  2. Marty- Heehee. You're no fun. :)

    Rebecca- I made that resolution too this year! You can totally do it!


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