Calling all lurkers! I'm wondering something...

What is up with all this freaky weather?

Here in Moscow Idaho, we had several weeks of below 20 degrees (F), a week or two of spring like 50's with sun and in the last week, snow. Then fog.  And now sunny and cold-ish with no snow in sight.

However, I'm seeing news reports of awful storms, and the people on my Twitter feed all have different weather stories, many involving heavy snowfall.

So, I'd like to know, O fellow dancers (including you lurking types)

Had any weird weather lately?  Where and what?


  1. Sun. In January. In Oregon. This is NOT natural.

  2. *giggle* Why is it WE have all the sun and everyone else has winter x2? I miss snow!

  3. Last Monday we had pourin, sheets of windblown rain all day, temps at 55 degrees :(

    This is so NOT New England January weather, though today we're back to the 20s. But as a whole, we've had very little wintry/snowy weather this year.

  4. The last couple of days have been cold, but pretty normal (Eastern Nebraska). We've had a couple of days of SUNSHINE, which has seemed odd only because we had over two weeks without hardly a peek from the sun. We had lots and lots of snow (SIX snow days!), then some weird (but rather cool) fog, followed by awesome frost! So yes, we've had some weird, cold winter weather.

  5. I'm in Vancouver and it feels like springtime! I saw some cherry blossoms blooming already. It should still be snowing right now.

  6. I haven't seen my lawn in two months. I'm not exaggerating. *dreams of colors and springtime*

  7. 7 inches of snow in the south over here!

  8. Joanne- Wow. I'm glad it's just not my side of the country. 50's in January just feels so wrong, doesn't it?

    Rebecca- Dang. At this point, I might consider murder if it would get me six snow days. :)

    TS- Cherry blossoms? Really? How surreal. I keep expecting the trees here to start putting out leaves.

    Renee- You should move to Vancouver, I hear they have cherry blossoms! :) I'd take the snow off your hands if I could...

  9. Beth- Is that odd for your area? (Sounds cozy either way.) *grin*

  10. Not terribly weird here. At least not now. Back in the summer we were dry, dry, dry. An exceptional drought, they called it. Our lakes are still not back up.

    Straight From Hel

  11. Helen- Ouch. :( Droughts are never fun. I'm worried we'll have one here this summer. (Though it did snow about three inches here today. Wierd!)


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