Monday Snippits: Christmas List

Hey, I almost forgot to post my Christmas wish list!

This year I wish for:

~The Emerald Tablet by PJ Hoover

~The Navel of the World by PJ Hoover

~A subscription to SmartFTP (so I can finish my website)

~The movie Van Helsing, with director's commentary

~An agent :)

ADDS:  I'd also like circular knitting needles and The War of Art by by Steven Pressfield

There are a couple of other things that are supposed to go one here, but I forgot them.   (Which is why I need to put up a list in the first place.) 

What's on your wish list this year?


  1. Whoo hoo! Thank you, Miriam! I hope you get everything on the list.
    So does this mean you don't collect yearly Star Trek ornaments?
    And our wish list this year includes the entire series of DS9 and Lego Rock Band.
    Thank you!

  2. Hmm, good question. :) I just recently got a Macbook (which was once my standing Christmas wish,) so I don't know what I really want by way of actual presents under the tree.

    Otherwise, I too would be pretty happy to get an agent this year. :)

  3. PJ- You're welcome! I've been wanting to read them for a long time, but haven't had the chance. And yearly Star Trek ornaments would be cool. (Though I'm not sure what my husband would think.)

    Renee- I know, there's nothing really big that I want either. Except the agent, of course! Maybe they sell them on the black market?


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