Some things that make me happy.

1.) Well, it's only November 4th, but my new writing ideas seem to be working.

- I don't write in the afternoon, instead I do early morning or evenings

- I made a playlist of songs that go with my story and characters, and I only listen to it when I write

- I bought myself a bag of discount Halloween candy.  The bag has thirty packages of peanut M&Ms in it, and I get one package every day if I make my writing goal.

- Yesterday I got stuck, and wrote a stream-of-consciousness complaint about being stuck and not knowing what to write.  By the time I was done whinging, I was ready to jump back into my story.

The upshot of all of this is that as of last night, I'm at 8615 words. I'm aiming for 2000 words a day, so I can be done by Thanksgiving.

2.)  The other thing that made me happy was seeing this post on my brother-in-law's blog.  (Bear in mind that my nephew's only five.)

What makes you happy this week?


  1. Great job keeping on task. My step mom is a writer and keeps pictures of her characters, homes, and stuff from story on cork board. It is fun....
    We are happy that I have committed to going to Ethiopia in January. love having decisions made and can stop the worry.

  2. RE: a playlist of songs that go with the story and characters, and you only listen to when you write... hey... I do that too.

    And, yay for blog reference! (I knew you'd like that)

  3. Tarah- Thanks! Wow, Ethiopia, huh? That is a big decision, and it sounds like it's nice to have out of the way.

    Nic- Of course, I liked it! :)And as far as music goes, I read somewhere that doing the playlist thing can unlock your subconscious mind and put you in a creative state, so I'm trying it out.

  4. Wow, great progress on NaNo. Keep writing!! A low-key week here, just quietly cruising along, finetuning a manuscript, sending out a nf proposal and submitting a couple smaller pieces. All's relatively quiet before the mad holiday rush.

  5. he he, the peanut M&Ms are a brilliant idea. Gotta love that discount Halloween candy. :)

    As for what makes me happy, um . . . I'm going to say frozen raspberries. Eat 'em right out of the bag. (Yes, my life is a little pathetic right now.)

  6. :( I'm not having a happy week at all. Bugger, dang and poo.

  7. That nephew of yours is adorable! I'm glad the first week of writing is going so well!

  8. Joanne- Quiet would make me happy right about now! Sounds like you're having a productive week as well. :)

    Amy- Oh no!! Can I help?

    Winnie- Isn't he? Funny thing is, he could be a storyteller. He thinks a lot like me. (Not always a good thing...)


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