Some days...

... when you feel like this:

"O.  M.  G.  I am SO going back to bed..."

And this...

"That Accounts for a Good Deal," said Eeyore gloomily. "It Explains Everything. No Wonder."
"You must have left it somewhere," said Winnie the Pooh.
"Somebody must have taken it," said Eeyore. "How Like Them," he added, after a long silence.

When you feel like that, you need an infusion of cute animals.



 Aww, I feel better already!

(adorable animals courtesy of


  1. AWWW!! CUTE! I especially love the little beluga whale. SO sweet. And you know what it made me start to sing in my head?

    Baby Beluga in the deep blue sea
    Swims so wild, and he swims so free
    Heaven above and SEA below,
    Just a little white whale on the go.

    (sing with me)


    . . . okay, I'll stop now. :)

  2. Renee- NOOOOOO!!!! *runs away with hands over ears* Seriously, though that is a cute whale, isn't it?

    Amy- I thought you might. :) I saw that and went "hey, that looks like how my week is going! OMG!!"

  3. WTH is that first fuzzy thing? Is it a cat? Or a possum? I keep looking at it and...I'm just not sure. It's got one eye, a flat black nose and a butterfly wing off the other side. It kinda scares me.

  4. I can identify with both the first and second cuties. At the same time.

    Straight From Hel

  5. Okay, your cute animals worked for me!

  6. Amy- Xander gets a cookie! It is in fact a baby porcupine, specifically a Paraguayan Hairy Dwarf Porcupine. Don't know what the wing in the background is about though... :)

    Hel- Yeah, I was both of them this week as well. Sigh.

    PJ- Cute is the best medicine! Playing with puppies or kitties is better, but I'll take this for now. :)

  7. I almost hugged my monitor. Thanks for the cuteness infusion!

  8. Winnie- Heehee.. I know, I want to hug the hippo, doesn't he look adorably sad?

  9. love the Eeyore quotes and the baby polar bear - so sweet.

  10. Mary- Thanks! Glad you enjoyed them. :)


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