National Novel Writing Month Update


I've written almost nothing in the last two days.  As you can see from my sidebar count, I'm not quite behind, but I'm having a hard time getting started again.  I'm running out of energy...  *frown*

This is what Maureen Johnson calls The Middle.

How's everyone else doing?


  1. Oh the middle is hard. It is usually the part of my WIP that need the most editing. All the best for the writing to flow!

  2. You're doing great! just keep writing. Just keep writing. just keep writing!

  3. Sometimes the cheerleaders have to get tough, and I'm a NaNo cheerleader. You have a whole latte writing to get done, so I'd like to see a progress report post in the next day attesting to it!!

    Seriously, I hope the muse strikes and your fingers are typing again soon :)

  4. I'm not doing NaNo, but I'm stuck in the middle of my WIP and I can't seem to make myself move forward. My MC keeps knocking on my mind telling her she needs to get out of the trap she's in and I keep leaving her hanging.

  5. Ah, the middle. It's hard enough to pound out with no time crunch.

    Well, best of luck to you! All it will take is one little idea to get your engines roaring again. You can do it! :)

  6. You just need a good solid day of work and caffeine. Nothing like 3 or so cups of java when you're feeling badly stuck! (Or freshly made carrot-orange juice. 3 cups of that will get your freak on, too.)

    Sometimes you just have to break down the walls in your mind to get to the exciting action penned up inside!

  7. Tabitha- Saggy middles stink, don't they? Though at this point, I'd settle for a soggy middle if I could just get the dang thing done...

    PJ- I will, thanks for the encouragement! I won't give up!

    Joanne- I LOVE tough cheerleaders. I did write today, almost 2500 words. :)

    Mary- Oh, I hate that feeling... Like you should be doing something, but aren't. Good luck to both of us!

    Renee- And those ideas don't usually come unless you actually sit down and write. So back to the keyboard!

    Winnie- Coffee is always a good idea, isn't it? :)

  8. Hi Mir--
    Sorry for the off-topic post, but I wanted to let you know you were one of the winners of The Invisible Sister Spell Card giveaway. Congrats! :)

    Please contact me with your mailing address at amyacook(at)live(dot)come so I can send it along.

    Congratulations and thanks for becoming a member of The Invisible Sister Facebook Fanpage!
    Amy Cook

  9. Hooray!!! Thanks, Amy!

    Winning things is always awesome.


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