Monday Snippits

1.  Well, I managed to get back on schedule with the writing, and I'm over half-way done.  *does dance of joy*  The story is turning out to be very interesting too.

2.  I've been thinking a lot about Internet etiquette lately, and I'd like some opinions.

What rules, if any do you follow when commenting on blogs?

When does discussion become trolling?

Do you use comment moderation?  Why or why not?

See you Wednesday!


  1. Glad you are feeling good about being back on schedule with the writing.

    Now about the blog rules for commenting- I am not sure there are any other than if you wouldn't want someone to say it on your blog, don't say it on theirs

    I don't use comment moderation cause I find them painful to fill in the right word. I have never had cause to use them yet anyway. Most people are very nice. You can delete comments after they are posted anyway if it is a problem.

  2. Hm, can my cheer take a little credit for that writing progress ;)

    Blogging, a wonder unto itself ... Commenting rules? Always considerate, and I do regularly comment on many who have come to feel like friends, it's like stopping by for a little visit. I'm not sure what you mean by trolling, but it sounds interesting ...As for comment moderation, I don't use it. One less step for all to ease the process.

  3. I'm not sure what you mean by trolling, unless you mean people posting stuff on your blog in an obvious play to get people over to their blog. Is that it?

  4. I don't use moderation. I use the capcom thing and everyone needs an id (so no anonymous). This has helped cut down on spam quite a bit for me.

  5. Blog moderation? Hmm, having spent years on forums where moderation seemed the norm, I thought the same would apply with blogs but I've found it to be a much more fluid environment. I don't think that's a bad thing at all. I can't help self-checking my responses as I don't want to take things off-track, but no-one else seems to be bothered by it, so I actually think that I'm the minority and a bit daft!

    Free flowing is good imho. :)

  6. Tabitha- That's a pretty dang good rule. I'm glad most of your comment-er's are nice too!

    Joanne- Being considerate is always a good thing. :) And yes, you do get credit for your tough-love cheerleading. It helps to know other people are keeping track.

    Amy- Not exactly, although that can be considered a form of trolling. I can see I need to be more specific, but it's too long a subject to go into here. *makes notes for next post*

    PJ- No anonymous comments seems to be a popular form of crowd control around the blogosphere, and some people even go further. I once went to a blog I wanted to comment on, but they only accepted people with a live-journal account.

    Ryoma- Hey, welcome to my corner of the 'Net! Personally, I think self-checking is a good skill to have. But as with most things, the people who are really concerned about it aren't usually the ones who need it. :(

  7. I use mederation... it's called the delete button. If you don't like it get your own dang blog. (usually, the people I have problems with do not have blogs of their own.)

  8. I just re-read my comment. I think I must have been on drugs at the time. Whilst I do believe idealistically that free flowing writing is good, in reality there are that many morons out there that the delete button has become an absolute necessity. Either that or mock the idiots mercilessly, show them up to be idiots and THEN remove their ability to respond any further. There, I feel better now. Ha!


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