Monday Snippits: When do you write?

This year for National Novel Writing Month, I'm trying to pay closer attention to my good writing times.

For example: I can't write in the afternoon. My brain goes to sleep, it's hard to concentrate, and usually I end up taking a nap. 

I write pretty easily in the morning.  But I do need more time to get really started, and I have to be sure and eat breakfast first.

My best writing times are at night.  I get into the flow more easily, and write faster.

This month, I'm trying to actively use this information. For example, I'm getting up a little earlier today to do some writing, becaue we have a dinner to go to tonight. I know I won't be productive if I try to write after work, so I'm splitting it up, some before work and some after dinner.

How about you?  When do you write best?


  1. Usually between 9pm and 2am, unfortunately. Also, when I really should be doing something else (it creates a sense of urgency to get it all down), or when something's going on that I just don't want to deal with. It's my escape from reality!

  2. Sometimes it is in the morning. The problem with mornings is that is when I get the majority of my service calls. If I am lucky enough to get a nap, I get some of my best ideas while thinking before I go to sleep, Then I write in the evening.

    Saturday's are also big writing times, since my wife works on Saturdays I am home alone for nine hours. If you don't count the 25lb cat trying to sit on my keyboard or the 8lb dog wanting me throw his squirrel.

  3. Jodie- That is my favorite time too, but since I usually work in the early morning, it doesn't pan out too well. And I agree, writing is an awesome escape from reality!

    Marty- Sounds like we have similar "good writing" times. I wonder why that would be? :) I will say that I often get no writing done on Saturdays at all, because I'm at work for eight or nine hours, so you're ahead of me there.

  4. In the morning. There are two many distractions at night, but I can do it if I force myself to. I usually have a glass of wine instead.

  5. At night, I have really intense insomnia, so I generally use my hours awake to write. If I get caught up in a story, though, I'll write in the afternoon too.

  6. Morning and evenings work for me. But when I think about it, I might do more of one type of writing in the morning, blogging, work on a proposal, that type of thing, and more of the creative in the evening. So I guess it depends on what type of writing I'm sitting down to do.

  7. I write best on Wednesdays when I don't have to work and I get to stay home alone! But other than that I don't have a structured writing time. For NaNoWriMo I'm just going to write whenever I have a chance!

  8. From about 1 pm (after I get my architecture work done) to about 3 pm (when the boy comes home from school). Before and after that... forget it. To much life in the mix.

  9. I write with intention in the morning, and with zest in the late evening. Neither are as disciplined as they should be, and most of my good ideas never get posted. poo.

  10. I am at my best between 10 am and 2 pm, but with stupid stuff like jobs and family (jeez, that dumb stuff ;) ), I rarely get to use my brainiest times. I get decent stuff done after 9, when the kid is bed.

    This month I have the goal to get up early at least once a week to get stuff done before work. Thank goodness for instant coffee!

  11. My best writing is when I'm not sleepy. Normally this is during the noonish part of the day or at night if I've had a nice cup of coffee!

  12. I'm with you. I'm a big nighttime writer. I love to write when everyone is asleep and the house is blissfully quiet.

  13. Holy Comments Batman!! :)

    Jade- Makes sense to me. I like the wine at night idea too!

    Wendy- Yeesh, insomnia is no fun! But writing is fun, and at least your house is quiet. :)

    Joanne- Oh, good point! I can do editing in the afternoon more easily than in the morning. I also tend to post blog comments and do Internet stuff around that time.

  14. Rebecca- I think it's great you're going to write whenever you have the time. I know a lot of writers who do that, and I do hear it's the best way to get to your word count for Nano.

    Amy- Well, that makes sense. You ARE excessively busy. I find myself in awe of all the things you get done.

    Valkyrie- Do they not get posted because they aren't written, or because they aren't as good on the page as they were in your head. (The latter happens to me a lot.)

  15. Winnie- Yah, Via! :) Also, I think it's funny that your high-brainpower time is completely not mine. Late morning and afternoons, I always want a nap.

    PJ- Another noon/afternoonish person! Coffee is always awesome for writing though, isn't it?

    Renee- Quiet is a plus, but that doesn't work so well at my house. My husband is a bigger night owl than I am! Sometimes he wants to hang out or come in and talk to me. Not that I mind. :)


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