Monday Snippits: Last day of Nano!

I'm at 45,000 words.

I have one day left.

I work all day today, and have a meeting tonight.

This should be interesting....


  1. So you have about 5,000 words to do, would that be about right? Hm, should be a piece of pie, er, sorry, still in Thanksgiving mode, piece of CAKE. Would you like coffee with that? Happy writing :)

  2. I'd call it good and celebrate with a big, big pizza. :)

  3. Looks like it will be a late night for you I guess. :) But you can do it!! You're so close!

    Write! Write! Write!

  4. Joanne- Hopefully it will be, but my schedule for today makes it 5,000 words in two to three hours. Doable, but difficult...

    Amy- The nice thing is the book itself is done! So I've got a good meaty project to start revising. *does dance* *orders pizza*

    Renee- Whee!! Thanks for the cheerleading!


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