Bleck is really all I have to say...

It's turned into one of THOSE weeks:

I'm falling behind on my writing.

I'm working extra hours, which is good for the paycheck, but very tiring.

There has been an atmosphere of general grumpiness in our house.

And I could really use a long shower.  (I'm not smelly, but I do need one.)


I am still breathing, all of my fingers and toes are intact and functional and I have most of my mental facilites. I've also got enough food to eat, more than one pair of shoes, and a job that gives me health insurance.

So I take a deep breath, make sure my shoes are tied, and go...



  1. Wishing you a long catnap, a hot shower and a 3-hour uninterrupted, inspired, amazing writing session this weekend :) Oh, and that someone else does the cooking.

  2. I know the feeling for sure. Sometimes life is just . . . life, and all we can do is remind ourselves of the important things and press on.

  3. Onwards and upwards! Hope the grumpiness dissolves away quickly. Have a lovely weekend, Miriam!

  4. You need to listen to that Paolo Nutini song again. Hope you're feeling more energetic soon. xo

  5. Joanne- Thank you! I'll let you know if those wishes come true... :)

    Renee- So true. It also helps to whine a little to your blogger friends, too! (But just a little.)

    Ryoma- Thanks! It's slowly getting better as Thanksgiving vacation nears. Funny how that works, huh? Have a good weekend!

    Amy- Oo, that IS a good idea. Thanks for the encouragement. :)

  6. Onward! Yes, we all have the weeks. I hope yours turns around.
    Um shower. I have the surgery recovery thing going on which means showers have been scarce :)

  7. Nothing a hug probably couldn't fix!

    (Is that too smarmy? Okay, change that to silly songs from musicals--maybe some "Once More With Feeling"--and, about showering, some baby powder.)

  8. PJ- Well, I'm glad it's not just me... Although I think your reason is better. Thanks for the good wishes!

    Winnie- I will take a hug ANY day! And some baby powder. :)


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