Monday Snippits: Last day of Nano!

I'm at 45,000 words.

I have one day left.

I work all day today, and have a meeting tonight.

This should be interesting....

Sorry, guys...

I missed Saturday's blog post due to an extended turkey-mashed potatoes-and-various-pies-coma.

Sadly, it wasn't even that I just forgot, so much as I kept putting it off and THEN forgetting. This is the sort of thing that happens when you spend the whole day on the couch watching a Criminal Minds marathon.

How was everyone else's weekend?

No big post today...

I'm busy getting ready for Thanksgiving and trying to catch up on my Nano.  (Big climactic scene coming up. should be fun.)

But if you haven't already done so, you can leave some thanks on my Monday post.

Or, if you're as thankful as you can stand to be, you can enjoy this picture of a very grumpy laughingthrush.

"Eating turkeys?  I disapprove."

Happy Thanksgiving everybody!!!

Monday Snippits: Giving thanks

Today I'd like to thank...

~ My husband for helping me carve out about three hours of writing time yesterday,

~ The editor who critiqued my submission packet and said it's ready to send out as soon as X is fixed.  *squees a little*

~ And God, who sent us snow yesterday but was kind enough to make sure it was slushy and not freezing.

Your turn!  Please finish the sentence.

Today I'd like to thank...

Bleck is really all I have to say...

It's turned into one of THOSE weeks:

I'm falling behind on my writing.

I'm working extra hours, which is good for the paycheck, but very tiring.

There has been an atmosphere of general grumpiness in our house.

And I could really use a long shower.  (I'm not smelly, but I do need one.)


I am still breathing, all of my fingers and toes are intact and functional and I have most of my mental facilites. I've also got enough food to eat, more than one pair of shoes, and a job that gives me health insurance.

So I take a deep breath, make sure my shoes are tied, and go...


More on Internet politeness...

I can see by the comments to my Monday post on Internet etiquette that you all are wonderful, considerate people who would never dream of being obnoxious on someone else's blog.

Of course I knew that anyway.  *grin*

However, several of you were confused by my question about trolling.  Let me clarify.  The all-mighty Wikipedia defines a troll thusly...

"In Internet slang, a troll is someone who posts controversial, inflammatory, irrelevant, or off-topic messages in an online community, such as an online discussion forum, chat room or blog, with the primary intent of provoking other users into an emotional or of otherwise disrupting normal on-topic discussion."

In other words, trolls are like those people at parties that everyone avoids. They are hugely negative, they try to sell you things or tell you how corrupt the establishment is.  They talk endlessly about themselves and what they think.  And no matter what you say, they never listen.  You cannot have a discussion with them.

Here are the examples the made me start thinking about this.  (And these are just this month.)

Agent Kristin Nelson decides to put comment moderation on her blog after previous comment threads are taken over by people who like to rant.   (example here)

Jim C. Hines, fantasy author and long-time rape information advocate, posted recently about rape on his blog.  He had to stop several livejournal threads that got out of hand, and ended up having to ban someone all together. 

And just this week, the lovely Moonrat disabled anonymous comments because of the comments on this post.

If you look at the comments that offended in each of these cases, you'll have good idea of the kind of trolling and Internet rudeness I was talking about.

I see this all the time:

~Some people claim that comment moderation or deleting offensive remarks amounts to censorship.

~Some people appear to believe that as long as they're speaking "the truth", they can say whatever the heck they want. And do it on any forum they can gain access to.

~Some people think it's okay to be personally insulting and to call other people names, because it's a free Internet.

I know what I think about this.  What do YOU think?

Monday Snippits

1.  Well, I managed to get back on schedule with the writing, and I'm over half-way done.  *does dance of joy*  The story is turning out to be very interesting too.

2.  I've been thinking a lot about Internet etiquette lately, and I'd like some opinions.

What rules, if any do you follow when commenting on blogs?

When does discussion become trolling?

Do you use comment moderation?  Why or why not?

See you Wednesday!

National Novel Writing Month Update


I've written almost nothing in the last two days.  As you can see from my sidebar count, I'm not quite behind, but I'm having a hard time getting started again.  I'm running out of energy...  *frown*

This is what Maureen Johnson calls The Middle.

How's everyone else doing?

Some days...

... when you feel like this:

"O.  M.  G.  I am SO going back to bed..."

And this...

"That Accounts for a Good Deal," said Eeyore gloomily. "It Explains Everything. No Wonder."
"You must have left it somewhere," said Winnie the Pooh.
"Somebody must have taken it," said Eeyore. "How Like Them," he added, after a long silence.

When you feel like that, you need an infusion of cute animals.



 Aww, I feel better already!

(adorable animals courtesy of

Monday Snippits: Things I say

All right, here are the origins of the "weird things I say at work" list from Saturday. Click on the link to see the actual line in context.

1. Hello, dripping yellow madness.    

2. Silence!!  I kill you!!    
(Comedian Jeff Dunham)

3. So, it is down to you, and it is down to me.    
(From the movie The Princess Bride)

4. Must affix everything to everything!!     
(From xkcd online comic)

5. Can I get you anything? A hot pocket perhaps? Eggo?    
(From the movie Austin Powers)

6.  I can do it!  I will do it NINE TIMES!!! 
(Another one from

7. If it lays an egg, it'll fall down the back of the television set.
(From Monty Python's Flying Circus: note, this line is about three minutes into the video.)

8. Oh no...  what do I do with my arms? Oh no...    
(From the Mystery Science Theater episode: The Sinister Urge, this line is about four-and-a-half minutes in.)

9. Who cares?  Water!!    
(Comedian Jerry Seinfeld)

10. Because Starbucks doesn't take American Express.   
(From an old Visa commercial that I couldn't find a link for)

See you Wednesday!

Things I say at work that no one understands.

Being both a highly verbal person and a confirmed nerd sort, I frequently want to quote things- movies, Internet stuff, comedians.  There are certain things that I want to say ALL THE TIME.

The problem is, no one understands me when I say them, so I come off as having a bizarre form of Tourette's.

Since I had the good sense to marry someone very like me in this respect, it isn't a problem at home. But it can get quite amusing at work.  Here are some examples of the things I want to say on a regular basis: 

1. Hello, dripping yellow madness.

2. Silence!!  I kill you!!

3. So, it is down to you, and it is down to me.

4. Must affix everything to everything!!

5. Can I get you anything? A hot pocket perhaps? Eggo?  (Sometimes I cannot stop myself from saying this to customers. Mostly I get blank looks, but one guy did burst out laughing.)

6.  I can do it!  I will do it NINE TIMES!!! 

7. If it lays an egg, it'll fall down the back of the television set. (This is always said in a very bad British accent.)

8. Oh no...  what do I do with my arms? Oh no...

9. Who cares?  Water!!

10. Because Starbucks doesn't take American Express. (I can't say this, because it's not true. But when someone comes up and asks, "do you take American Express?"  it's very tempting to sound like the old commercials...)

Am I alone in this?  Does anyone else say things no one understands?

(Do feel free to guess where these bizzare statements originated.  Answers will be provided on Monday.)


Sorry guys, blog's going to be late today.  I went to a family reunion yesterday and stayed a bit later than planned.


So I'm off to work now, and maybe to a write-in, but when I come back I will blog.

See you then!

Some things that make me happy.

1.) Well, it's only November 4th, but my new writing ideas seem to be working.

- I don't write in the afternoon, instead I do early morning or evenings

- I made a playlist of songs that go with my story and characters, and I only listen to it when I write

- I bought myself a bag of discount Halloween candy.  The bag has thirty packages of peanut M&Ms in it, and I get one package every day if I make my writing goal.

- Yesterday I got stuck, and wrote a stream-of-consciousness complaint about being stuck and not knowing what to write.  By the time I was done whinging, I was ready to jump back into my story.

The upshot of all of this is that as of last night, I'm at 8615 words. I'm aiming for 2000 words a day, so I can be done by Thanksgiving.

2.)  The other thing that made me happy was seeing this post on my brother-in-law's blog.  (Bear in mind that my nephew's only five.)

What makes you happy this week?

Monday Snippits: When do you write?

This year for National Novel Writing Month, I'm trying to pay closer attention to my good writing times.

For example: I can't write in the afternoon. My brain goes to sleep, it's hard to concentrate, and usually I end up taking a nap. 

I write pretty easily in the morning.  But I do need more time to get really started, and I have to be sure and eat breakfast first.

My best writing times are at night.  I get into the flow more easily, and write faster.

This month, I'm trying to actively use this information. For example, I'm getting up a little earlier today to do some writing, becaue we have a dinner to go to tonight. I know I won't be productive if I try to write after work, so I'm splitting it up, some before work and some after dinner.

How about you?  When do you write best?
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