Shortest Monday snippit EVER!

Guess what I did this weekend!

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  1. Talked with the animals ... At first I thought this was at a zoo, but then, I don't know. I suspect there's an interesting story behind your lead-in ...

  2. 1. That's a brown bear or a grizzly, both of which are mean.
    2. There is no snippet here.

  3. Joanne- Nope, not a zoo! My sister's family was in town this weekend and we took the kids to the WSU grizzly research center. Lots of VERY large bears, and one extremely excited five-year old :)

    Amy- Aw, it doesn't count as a snippit? I plead hectic weekend, and will do better next time. But it is a grizzly, so you get a cookie. :)

  4. Well it is a snippet, but barely :P

  5. Warning: Objects are bigger than they appear in the picture. Especially when licking (cleaning?) their claws.

  6. Marty- You're just mad that it's a bear and not a moose. :)

    Nic- Those were some huge arse claws, too. And they had a pretty scary roar. I was impressed.


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