Monday Snippits: National Novel Writing Month.

All right my lovely commentators-and-lurkers, I have a question!

What is your opinion on National Novel Writing Month? (Otherwise known as Nanowrimo, or Nano)

Do you think it's a great idea?

Are you skeptical?  ( EDIT: Chuck has a good point in the comments: while Nanowrimo didn't work for him, he does think it can be good for some people. It's just valuable to understand the commitment.)

Or somewhere in between?

Also, if you're doing Nano, why?  What do you hope to get out of it?

(I'm doing it for the kickstart. After five months of revisions, I need a serious boot in my arse to get writing new stuff again.  Also, I'm excited to connect with other writers in the area.)

What about you?


  1. I'm in and it's my first year. I'm doing it mainly because I think it will be fun--I'm normally pretty motivated with my writing. I'm also hoping to make some new writing friends.

  2. Totally a great idea. I like to write my first drafts as fast as possible before I can chicken out of finishing them. NaNo is great for that. Plus, I like short first drafts because I tend to do huge re-writes no matter the length of the draft. Less words to delete=less heart bleeding. :)

  3. I think it is good idea for those who have some words to knock out and could use the support and perhaps even the push. Timing isn't right for me though. I am all about editing at the moment. I don't need a new project just yet:)

  4. When I take on a project, I like to commit fully to it, and with other writing going on in my days, I don't feel I could commit to Nano. But what I do love about it is that I get to be a cheerleader for other bloggers who do participate. I have a deep respect for the TOTAL commitment and dedication that gets them through the month. Go, Miriam!!

  5. Thanks for the link. :)

    While I serve the skeptical perspective, I'll say that counts as somewhere 'in-between.' I still think it's good for some people. It's simply valuable for everyone to understand the commitment.

    -- Chuck

  6. Jade- Yeah, this year it's all about the connections for me, especially since I just moved.

    Struggling- I know that chicken out feeling! It's a good confidence booster too. I know I CAN have a writing schedule, and I can tackle longer projects and get them done.

    Tabitha- All about editing? That's awesome. There's definitely a time and a place for this sort of insanity, and it's not always November.

    Joanna- Thanks! I think the support I found in the write-ins and online was my favorite part of last year. Good luck with your other writing! :)

  7. I think its good for writers to have challenges every once in awhile and do something that jumpstarts their writing.

    I am doing NaNo for the first time this year and I'm so excited. I've plotted and planned (more so than I ever do for a novel) and it's made me very eager to begin this new project.

  8. I love Nano for what it is: a tool. For some people, it's a kickstart. For others, it's a motivator. For me, it will be a winch... dragging the last ten thousand words of my wip out of my brain. That's right--I'm doing Nano with a book that's mostly done. But since I started this book during Nano last year--then had to stop for requested revisions to another ms--I just consider it full circle. :)

  9. Good idea, as long as people recognize what they are writing is a first draft. But if it gets people writing, then yay!

  10. I totally love Nanowrimo! I think of it as a 30-day writers' block party (pun intended). Even if what I produce doesn't turn out to be amazing or lead to a publishable product, it was so fun making it, I don't really care. For word nerds, Nanowrimo is THE social event of the year!

  11. Chuck- You're welcome! Actually, I thought your analysis was quite balanced, and a good reminder. I just meant skeptical compared to the "What a fabulous idea!" side of the equation. :)

    Cindy- Challenges are important. And good for you for plotting ahead. I think that increases your chances of getting a polish-able manuscript out of it.

    Amy- That's funny, since I'm also doing a book I've already started. Although mine NEEDS another 50k, so I want to shoot for the whole word count. I think you're right, though. NaNo is best when it serves the needs of the writer.

  12. PJ- So true! As in everything it's your expectations that are important. If you expect a marketable manuscript at the end of November, you'll be disappointed.

    Winnie- Sounds like you're going to have an awesome time no matter what happens, good for you! "A writer's block party" Awesome.

  13. I am not skeptical, but the thought overwhelms me. I have all of 19K words written and have the next two chapters and the end plotted out, but the middle seems to have gone a walk about. Besides plotting, trying to find the time to write 50K words in a month (calculates that would require 1667 words a day) equals one big yikes! I managed to write 19K on my book and 7K on a short story in October and I dropped all my blog posting to do that.

  14. Not a skeptic at all...National Novel Writing Month is an awesome idea it will help someone either start or restart their dream......very inspirational writing ...zman sends

  15. Marty- It is a huge commitment, that's for sure. But some plotting problems can be solved by just sitting down and writing something, anything. I get some of my best ideas WHILE writing.

    Steve- Welcome, The inspiration and motivation that are built into Nano IS one of my favorite parts.... :)


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