Pride and Prejudice and Zombies and other 5 star reads.

Yes, I did it.  I read Pride and Prejudice and Zombies and I LOVED IT!  If you wish to question or revoke my Jane Austen credentials, they are as follows:

1. I've read all of her novels, some of them numerous times.

2. I have seen three movie versions of Pride and Prejudice, two movie versions of Emma, two movie versions of Sense and Sensibility, as well as movie versions of both Mansfield Park and  Persuasion.

3. I also saw Becoming Jane, Clueless (which was totally an Emma remake), Bridget Jone's Diary, (Ah, Colin Firth--you will forever be Mr. Darcy in my heart)  and Bride and Prejudice, which is an awesome Bollywood film.

(EDIT:  Sadly, I totally misspelled Austen when I first wrote this post.  I wrote Austin, as in Texas.  My only defense is that I was waiting for some books from Austin, Texas, and so the place was much on my mind.  Sorry.)

Despite my hard won Austen expertise, I still loved Pride and Prejudice and Zombies, except for the occasional grossness. (That's why I watch Jane Austen movies and not zombie movies.  Usually.) 

Pride and Prejudice and Zombies (Paperback) by Seth Grahame-Smith Pride and Prejudice and Zombies Grahame-Smith, Seth

I can't decide what I love most about this book; having such a bizarre thing as zombies described in the style and wit of Jane Austen, or the fact that Elizabeth Bennett is such a kick-arse heroine.  Probably both.  5 stars.

And in the spirit of controversial-ity, here are some more not-recommended-for-everyone books.  (These are great books by skilled authors, but "a good clean read" is NOT how I'd describe them.)

White Witch, Black Curse (Rachel Morgan/The Hollows, #7) by Kim Harrison White Witch, Black Curse (Rachel Morgan/The Hollows, #7) Harrison, Kim

Kim Harrison is kind of what Laurell  K. Hamilton would have been had she not gone over the deep end and filled her books with violence and sex. (Much of it at the same time.)  Not that there aren't, um... patches of grown up material in the Rachel Morgan books, but they don't take over the story and by and large are much more tasteful.

This is my favorite Rachel Morgan book so far, (and the first one to get five stars) primarily because of a new character she introduces; a ghost who's "a little dirty with a heart of gold".    I'm a sucker for confident, competent, slightly sarcastic men in books, and Pierce bids fair to become my favorite character.

(Dear Kim Harrison, if you're reading this, please do not kill, banish, or otherwise send Pierce away in the next book.  I will cry.)

5 stars

Storm Front (The Dresden Files, #1) by Jim Butcher Storm Front (The Dresden Files, #1) Butcher, Jim

My dad (from whom I received my 'read-everything-and-sort-it-out-later' gene) found this series, finished the first book, and promptly handed it off to me, saying "You need to read this."  I did.

In a day. 

A-mazing.  The main character is a wizard with a bit of a past who pays the rent by hiring out his wizarding skills.  But when someone starts killing people with magic, he has to figure out who, all the while dodging the Mafia, a possible death sentence from the White Council, and a wizard who kills every time it rains.

The voice is pitch perfect on this, and SO much fun to read.  I think this was the line that hooked me:

"Paranoid? Probably. But just because you're paranoid doesn't mean that there isn't an invisible demon about to eat your face."

5 stars.

Also, a Poll:  I have a couple of posts that will be all about books by one author.  Which would you like first, Agatha Christe, or Elizabeth Peters?


  1. I have to say I am one that loves everything Jane Austin as well and I didn't want to read this one, or any of the other after Pride and Prejudice books I have seen on the market just because I don't think they could ever be improved upon or matched but now I think I may want to take a peek at this one since a fellow lover of all things Austin liked it. I saw that there is a new one Pride and Prejudice and Sea Monsters coming out. I wonder what Jane would have thought about these books that have spawned from hers.

  2. I did not like P&P&Z. I was soooo excited to read it (I love Jane Austin and, duh, zombies are my life), but I was really disappointed by the martial arts conceit. I don't know, I think it took away from the internal pressures of the story. I felt like there were no real stakes for Eliza--it didn't matter if she didn't marry, because she planned to work in martial arts, and it didn't matter if she was attacked by zombies because she was some kind of super-hero.

    HOWEVER, I thought Charlotte's situation was AMAZING and almost redeemed the book.

  3. Nicky- They did manage to keep a lot of the really cool lines from the book. It's still about two-thirds original Pride and Prejudice. I don't know what Jane would think. Hopefully she'd appreciate the satire. :)

    W- Wow, that's an interesting thought! Oddly enough, I never felt like the stakes were that high for Eliza. She didn't seem to pin all her hopes on marriage, even in the original. Jane had the more to lose, I thought. She was already deeply in love and unlikely to change her mind.

    (The Charlotte storyline was cool, wasn't it?)

  4. I've heard so much about P&P & Zombies. I admit that zombies really aren't my thing, but I might just have to take a look at it.

    Also, I've been dying to start the Dresden Files series. Looks like I have more to add to the list. :)

  5. Wow. Seriously, I'm going to have to read that. I'm not honestly a romance fan, no matter what era, but combine it with zombies? Having just read "World War Z", I think I'm in the mood for the undead. Oh, and by the way, "World War Z" is a fascinating book for those here who are into more of a science fiction/alternate history groove. Excellent!

  6. I keep hearing about this book, Pride and Prejudice and Zombies. I love Jane Austen so, of course, when I first heard about this book I made a face. I probably made a face the second or third time, too. But each time I heard it was good! Go figure. Now I'm intrigued.

  7. Renee- You might like PPZ, but you will LOVE the Dresden files. I can say that because you don't live in my area and therefore aren't going to check them all out ahead of me. :)

    Darcyjo- You're the second person to recommend World War Z! I may have to look it up, although I do have issues with overt grossness. (What can I say, I'm a wuss...)

    Cindy- You just have to not take it seriously, is all. Think of it as an alternate reality Jane Austin if it helps. :)

  8. Though I did not care much for PPZ, I would not revoke your credentials as a self-proclaimed expert on the basis of your having read it. I would, however, do so for your inability to get the name of the author correct. It is AUSTEN, please... with an E.

  9. Aw, crap!!! How did I miss that? *hangs head in shame* *vows once again to improve horrible spelling*

    Thanks for the check!

  10. With regard to your poll:

    “Ah yes, The Father of Curses and the best Egyptologist with little moustaches.” No wait that is not quite right….

    “Hell and damnation woman must you always serve tea right before revealing the murder!” No that is not right either.

    Maybe I am thinking of The Mysterious Affair at the Hippopotamus Pool.

    No matter ---""Another dead body. Every year it is the same. Every year, another dead body..."

  11. Heehee. I checked out some more Elizabeth Peters today, including the Hippopotamus Pool one. Mmm.. murders...


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