Okay, what about blogs?

In my attempt to discuss various social networking sites, (see the other post here) I was going to discuss blogs next.  But the other day I read this interesting post from Cindy R. Wilson that talks about the real reason she started blogging.  Which also happens to be the reason I started blogging.


Now, as often happens, there have been wonderful things that I've learned from blogging. I've made friends and gotten more confident in a lot of areas.  I'm not doing this just to "build a platform". (If I was, I think I would have quit a while ago.)

It got me thinking, though.  A lot of people I know don't blog with any marketing motive at all.  Some blog just for fun. (like Nic, for example)  Others don't even release their real names (Hi, Moonrat! *waves*)  But they blog, and not only do they blog, but they blog consistently, not giving up.

So now I figured before I talk about blogging as a social network, I should take a poll.

Why did YOU start blogging?  And what made you keep going?


  1. Hi Miriam,
    I started blogging because I thought it would be a good way to keep in touch with friends and family in the States, and, be a small creative outlet for me. I keep blogging for those reasons and because I'd like to become a a better writer. E.B. White says writing is, in some way, egotistical so maybe we're all in it for the marketing, more or less.

  2. I blog, as a way to record my life, and sometimes vent about the day. I may start blogging as a way to become more self reflective in my career, and hopefully become a better teacher because of it.

  3. Desert Mom- That's probably true. :) But I have agree with you that blogging has made me a better and more consistent writer. Not a bad side benefit!

    Chicke3- There's a lot of value in recording your life. A well done personal blog is a pleasure to read and a way to connect with people in a chaotic world.

  4. I started blogging for two reasons.

    I wanted to have an online presence just in case I sold a book and became an overnight success (er...something like that). :-)

    But really, I wanted my friends and family to be able to follow my progress (or lack thereof).

    I've kept it up because it's fun, it's a way for me to write even when I barely have time, and it's been a great way to meet other writers. I also see it as a journal now, and it is so interesting to go back and look at my old posts.

  5. I started for marketing, essentially. I have no pub credits, but I hoped to use my blog as something to include in the bio part of my query.

    But...I also found that I really enjoyed it. It keeps me writing, keeps me focused, and helps me network. And it's fun!

  6. Hello,
    I just happened onto your blog today and here you are writing about something I've been thinking about a lot. I started blogging because I wrote and published a memoir and wanted to create an online presence. At first it was a chore and a responsibility and I hated it. Now I've grown to enjoy it for all the reasons your other commenters made. I've made real connections with other writers (and readers) that are fulfilling and supportive. And it helps me hone my craft.

  7. The reason I blog changes every day and the reason I continue blogging changes every day. I suppose that in and of itself is a reason. There are a lot of weird, random things that want to come out that don't fit within any other format. If I'm working on a novel, it has to have some sort of focus and sense over a long period of time. If I'm writing a song, it has to be singable and preferably about 4 minutes long. I don't bother with journals/diaries, because what good does that do anyone but me? A blog can be about whatever I want, whenever I want, whatever length I feel like, and it is out there available just in case anyone gets anything out of it while still serving the purpose of scratching the writing itch (though it has been much more pictures than prose as of late). Should I be so fortunate as to sell a book, I'm sure I will start a different blog under my real (or pen) name for marketing purposes, but for now this does the trick.

  8. I originally started just for the fun aspect of it but the marketing potential quickly showed through. I try to keep my blog professional and fun.

  9. Rebecca- Those seem to be the three main reasons in a nutshell. To establish an online presence, to connect with people and to have a place to express yourself. All awesome reasons, I think.

    Beth- It's amazing the way consistent blogging helps your focus, isn't it? :) I write on a regular basis now, and it's much easier than it used to be.

    Karen- Funny how that works, isn't it? Blogging was hard for me too, at first. Now it's something I enjoy and look forward to. (Also, welcome!)

  10. Jo- You're right, blogging is a very flexible activity. Which makes it even more cool! (And I do enjoy the randomness of your blog.)

    PJ-I think you do a good job of walking the balance between professionalism and personal life. Did you start blogging before you signed The Emerald Tablet? I don't remember...

  11. I started my first blog several years ago as a part of my efforts to write every day and to focus on improving my writing. Over the years, I blogged under several "handles". It was a wonderful experience. I met some wonderful people.

    Recently, I started my new blog for the purpose of marketing my novels. That feels strange and a little uncomfortable after spending so many years blathering on about my life. I'm not totally happy about the way it's working. I've been working on several posts on this subject to be posted beginning next week.

    I agree with the person who said that writing regularly helps me focus and has made me a better writer.

  12. Meredith- I'm sorry to hear your new blog is not going as well as your old blog. What is it that's not working?

  13. My agent made me. She said I needed an online presence. I was resistant. BUT, now I've made friends and I like it. :) And it really feels like my very own little bit of cyberspace. And I love that.

  14. Heehee... That's a great reason! I wish I had an agent to make me do stuff. :) And you'er right, I am amazed by how comfortable blogging feels now,like a cyberspace living room.


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