Monday Snippits

Thanks again to everyone who took the time last week to let us know what they were reading!  I'm going to put the list together and use it in a post soon, just for fun.

Now I have another question:  What is your favorite KIND of book?

Romance? Suspense? Action? Fantasy? Literary? Chick Lit?

What do you love to read?

(Normally when asked, I say I love fantasy.  But according to Goodreads, I've read 51 mysteries this year alone, more than any other catagory.  So I guess you could say I'm a fantasy/mystery buff.)


  1. Mainly YA, usually with some form of paranormal/sci-fi element but I also love a really good piece of literary fiction but that's about it as far as fiction goes. Maybe I should expand my horizons!

  2. I just love the name of your blog and thought I'd come and say hi :)
    I am a literary girl myself. But there isn't too much I won't read. Just ask my poor over burdened bookshelf :)

  3. I read more mystery and suspense than anything, although I do love a good romance or mainstream book about women's issues.

  4. Women's fiction/family drama type stories make it to my bookshelf, with a good dose of memoir thrown in. (Nice stopping by again, hope you had a great summer!)

  5. Jade- I love YA! Some of the best books out there. Before this year, I would even have said I read mostly YA fantasy. But my Goodreads bookshelf says differently. :)

    Tabitha- Thank you! Feel free to poke around if you want. I know what you mean. I'm a pretty omnivorous reader too. I'll read anything once!

    Sylvia- Nothing like a good mystery, is there? It's like comfort reading at it's finest.

    Joanne- You're back!! I'm so glad, I've missed seeing you around the blogosphere. I'll pick up woman's fiction if the hook pulls me in. I'm just not usually IN that section of the library/bookstore.

  6. Supernatural thrillers. Horror. Paranormal (fiction or nonfiction). Theological stuff.

  7. What a great question! Also, I have to say that I love your blog!! I just found it and am so thrilled!

    To answer your question, I think that paranormal/supernatural themed books are my favorite - whether they lean toward cozy or serious or thriller, as long as it has a paranormal aspect, I am sure to love it!


  8. I read three kinds of books:

    -YA, to keep up with my field.

    -Classics, because I still feel the need to read all of the greats before I get lost in modern stuff

    -The books my Book Club picks, usually modern literary fiction.

  9. I read MG fiction, b/c that's what I write. But the books I really can't put down are YA. Hmm....maybe I should write YA???

  10. Tough question! I love children's & YA fiction, preferably Fantasy. And I love horror (although now that I *have* to read it as a reviewer, it sucks some of the fun out of it). But like you, I've noticed I pick up a lot of mysteries--they're my fun reading. Especially mysteries with a craft/cooking slant. Those are the absolute most fun!

  11. Fantasy, science fiction, history/alternative history, occasional YA, theology, and gardening books.

    An example of the alt. history that I enjoy? Harry Turtledove's "In the Presence of Mine Enemies", a look at what it might have been like from the viewpoint of a hidden Jewish family in post-war Germany with a triumphant German government. One on my reread list.

  12. Nic- Hooray, I knew that!! :)

    April- Thank you, and welcome. Isn't paranormal cool? I just love books that have that fantastic element to them.

    Renee- What a great range! I need to brush up on my classics, come to think of it...

    Amy- See, I wonder that too. I love fantasy, and I love writing it, but looking at the sheer amount of mysteries I read, I wonder if I should be going in that direction. Questions, questions...

  13. W- Those craft/cooking mysteries are so much fun, aren't they? I think mysteries are my comfort reading. Horror, though, definitely not. I admire people who can read it and not have nightmares. :)

    PJ- Of course! I think I need to find more new fantasy authors to read. Any suggestions?

    Darcyjo- Great choices! I love the few Harry Turtledove books I've read, but for some reason I don't pick him up much. I think it's one of those have-to-be-in-a-specific-mood things.

  14. I was going to post my full answer here, but it turned out to be a rather long post so I made a blog entry out of it. You can read my answer here:

    Maybe you will pickup some new authors. :-)

  15. My favorite books are children's books; Narnia, Little House, Anne of Green Gables, and anything by Kate DiCamillo, who always succeeds in making me cry. There are so many children's chapter books that are just so poignant and simply beautiful.

    I'm also a literary fiction fan. I'm just now starting to read the classics that I would have, had I gone to college. Caleb and I generally listen to something by Jane Austen or one of the Bronte Sisters, something along those lines, in the car rather than the radio. Yay for vocabulary building!

  16. Marty- I read it! Some really good recommendations there. :)

    Lianne- I second that "Yay"! Not much beats the classics, in adult and children's fiction.

  17. Oh, that's easy. Speculative fiction (mg and YA). You know, stuff like Neal Shusterman's Unwind and Lowis Lowry's The Giver.

  18. Rebecca- I love The Giver!! It's one of my all time favorite books. Have yet to read Shusterman, though. I'll have to put him on my list... :)


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