Blogging (and what's going on the rest of September)

 So, the people have spoken.   And how. ( I've gotten more first-timer comments on this post than any other I've done.)  The results of the survey were as follows:

The reasons that people blog seem to come under three main headings.

1. To establish an online presence 

 2. To connect with family or friends

 3. As a creative outlet.

Many of you also cited the unexpected side benefits of blogging.

1. It's fun

2. You meet new people and create community

3. The discipline of keeping a blog actually  helps your focus and can make you a better writer.

Honestly, there's not much I can add to that.  But I did want to share with you the blogging advice that's helped me the most.

1. Be consistent.  Pick a schedule.  Every day, every other day, once a week.  Find something you can live with and stick to it.  (via a post that I CANNOT FIND at Penny Arcade.  *grumps* )

2. Love what you do. Don't try to turn your blog into something it isn't.  Nothing kills a blog's spirit faster than an unhappy poster. (via this post by Justine Larbalestier)

3. It's not all about you.  Don't just constantly hype your book/business/digestive problems.  Be informative, entertaining and genuine.  Comment on other's blogs.  Be polite.  (via pretty much every article on blogging I've ever read.)

Have I missed anything?

In other news, September is overflowing with wonderful reasons to read and talk about books.

~Agent Nathan Bransford declared this week Writer Appreciation Week.

~Tomorrow (Sept 6th) is Read a Book Day!

~Random Acts of Publicity Week  is September 7-11th.

~And Banned Book Week is September 26 - October 3rd.

Now add all this together with the fact that I have no less than twenty new books waiting to be reviewed and...

Presto!  Book Review Month!

I'll be posting reviews for the rest of the month.  Feel free to drop in anytime, make suggestions or join in the conversation.

See you Monday!


  1. Great tips, Miriam. I've found posting to a schedule keeps me more consistent, so that's super advice. Also, along with number 3, I'd say engage. Engage with the people that read your blog. Comment on their comments if they say something interesting--develop relationships through that. It can only help you in the futre. Have a great weekend!

  2. Dude, I totally missed the party. I swear that link list with Blogger is screwy sometimes.

    Anyway, I totally agree with the conclusions that everyone came to. Blogging is quite the craze isn't it? I just enjoy being part of the fray, :)

  3. Brilliant posting; sorry to have missed the survey which preceded it, but if these are the conclusions which you were led to then it confirms what I've learned. The blog I've got now is something like my 4th or 5th try in 10 years, and I think this one I'll keep. Others fell by the wayside for violating one of your three precepts.

    The one which I still toy with is the "set a schedule and stick to it." My Friday post is the only one I do regularly, but given the random-topics nature of the content the schedule for the rest tends to be all over the map as well.

    One that I'd add -- for your (not YOUR your, but the indefinite your, I guess) own sanity especially -- is to come up with a list, a handful of regular topics which you can declare to be occasional series. That way, when you're approaching time for a new post but come up dry on a topic, you've got a ready rotating cast, as it were, to call on.

    ...AND also don't be afraid of draft posts. I've got over 30 in the pipeline right now, some from the "series" Rolodex and others just stray ideas to be developed, or not.

    The one thing I hated about the earlier blogs was the tendency to run dry of material. No mas.

  4. Hi, Miriam!
    Just followed the link from Stuff Christians Like, and think it might be fun to hang out here for a while. :o)

    I've blogged twice before my current incarnation, but it's always been for my online friends before. Now, I'm picking up a few more people, and it feels strange.

    The most amusing part is hearing my grown daughters tell me how much my writing has improved!
    And I'm really wondering where I'm going to find the time to do it, what with 15 credit hours this semester. Ain't nothin' to it, but to do it, I guess.


  5. Wonderful blog tips!
    I always wonder what we worried about 10 years ago :)

  6. Cindy- Engage is wonderful advice! I always prefer to comment on blogs where the owner is part of the conversation.

    Renee- Oh, sorry you missed it! But I love your phrasing "part of the fray". It does feel like that sometimes, doesn't it?

    Jes- Thanks!! I agree that having several loose themes is REALLY helpful. It also helps me that my Monday posts are supposed to be short. Makes at least one day a week very simple. :)

  7. Hi Darcyjo! Welcome to my own little bit of cyberspace. I hope you can keep blogging and do school as well, though I know studying can be all-encompassing. :) Have you thought about just blogging every weekend? I follow several blogs that just post once a week.

    PJ- Thank you! I don't know about you, but 10 years ago I was worrying about high school graduation, my persistent acne and my awkward social skills. I didn't do much online because my typing was terrible! *grin*

  8. Miriam, I'm hoping to do twice a week, but I'll need to see if I can be that self-disciplined. Of course, blogging is MUCH more fun than intermediate Spanish or Abnormal psychology! :o)



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