Proof that I spend too much time online...

Well, the school year is beginning. Which means EVERY SINGLE PERSON IN PULLMAN came into my store today.

Which means my mind is a blank today. (Insert joke of your choice here)

However, I cannot let you, my loyal blog readers down! So please enjoy this parade of random amusing-ness from the Internet.

You know Snuggies? The combination blanket/robe thing that makes people look like refugees from a medieval monastery? Now they're available for dogs!!!

Disco ball Cordarounds-
pants with soft, breathable fabric that reflect light LIKE A DISCO BALL. (Cause who doesn't need those?)

And here's a Life photo essay on the world's most expensive gourmet coffee--and the animal that poops it out.

Kind of a cute little bugger, I think...

And of course, a cat.

(EDIT: Forgot to say where I found the cat!!! This lovely feline comes courtesy of Janet Reid's blog.)

See you Friday! (Or Saturday, which is when I actually post next. Sheesh...)


  1. I think my doggie could use a snuggie.

  2. I think you should get one for the tortises too! :-)

  3. Hey i sent you the coffee link! And i dont even get a shout out. Where's the love?


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