Today is Random Tangent day!!

I have a theory. Well, I have many theories, and this is one of them. It goes like this.

The more serious you are about a sport, the sillier your outfit will look.

For example: golf. Golf is a great sport that many people enjoy, and I'm not dismissing that. But golfers (almost) always wear the same thing.

This was brought home to me one day when I drove by a parking lot full of people. There was a big banner reading GOLF SWAP, people browsing tables, etc.

Every person there, EVERY SINGLE PERSON, was wearing a solid color polo shirt, khaki shorts with a belt and a black (or tan) hat. Everyone. It was so surreal that I couldn't stop giggling.

You can substitute black for khaki, or go with slacks instead of shorts. You can even do a visor instead of a hat. But for the most part serious golfers look like this:

(I will say that ladies golf attire is more flexible. But still, most of the golfing ladies I've seen go with the polo/shorts/visor combination.)

I did eventually find out the why behind polos as golf shirts. Apparently, golf courses require you to wear a collared shirt, and button-downs are too restrictive to get a good swing. As the person I was talking to put it "You have to look nice on the golf course."

Who knew?

Do you have any nominations for odd looking sports outfits?


  1. Well, I watched an episode of Star Trek:TNG the other night where Will and his dad battled it out and there were wearing the darned silliest outfits I've even seen.

  2. Haha... Which episode was that? I should look it up. And I didn't even think of it, but futuristic sci-fi DEFINITELY wins the prize for goofiest recreational outfits.

  3. Mens Professial Ice Skating. Thats all I have to say. ^.^

  4. Yikes, I forgot about Men's Figure Skating! And even speed skating outfits look pretty silly...


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