Monday Snippits.

Since I am a secret coward who is deeply afraid of things like the ocean and giant spiders, I love finding profound thoughts on fear.

Here's one of my favorites:

"Andrea!" Stevens laughed and then cried out as the movement triggered off a crepitant agony in his bone-shattered leg...  "Andrea!" he whispered. "Scared!  I don't believe it!" 
"Andrea was afraid." The big Greek's voice was very gentle. "Andrea is afraid. Andrea is always afraid. That is why I have lived so long."  
He stared down at his great hands. "And why so many have died.  They were not so afraid as I.  They were not afraid of everything a man could be afraid of, there was always something they forgot to fear, to guard against. But Andrea was afraid of everything--and he forgot nothing. It is as simple as that."

He looked across at Stevens and smiled. 
"There are no brave men and cowardly men in the world, my son. There are only brave men. To be born, to live, to die--that takes courage enough in itself, and more than enough. We are all brave men and we are all afraid, and what the world calls a brave man, he too is brave and afraid like the all rest of us. Only he is brave for five minutes longer.  Or sometimes ten minutes, or twenty minutes--or the time it takes a man sick and bleeding and afraid to climb a cliff."

From The Guns of Navarone by Alistair Maclean

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