Monday Snippits

Hypothetical question for you:

Say an author you know has a book coming out um...  at some point.  And she wants to make a behind-the-scenes interview video to help promote it.

What questions should she answer?

What would YOU want to know?


  1. I would try to ask something she hadn't been asked before. Maybe, did you ever reach a point where you were stuck or had written your character into a corner? And what did you do to get moving forward again?

    Or maybe I'd ask her if she had clicked over to Straight From Hel and found out she'd been given the Superior Scribbler award.

    Straight From Hel

  2. Does the book have a cat in it named Dudley?

  3. I missed commenting on your 'too short' post.

    My thoughts:

    1) Houses is fantastic the way it is.

    2) Kristin Nelson gave (IMO) extremely inflated typical word counts in that post of hers. I mean...40K being a MINIMUM for middle grade? Come on! MG is 20K-40, usually, but there are exceptions to every rule.

    3) For example, The Tiger Rising is only 18,000 words...but what a story it tells.

  4. What major thing in your life inspires you to write?

    If you could co-write a novel who would it be with?

    What lead you to YA Fantasy?


    What is your name?

    What is your favorite color?

    What is your quest?

  6. Helen- That's a GREAT question. And thanks for the award!! I'll definitely put it up in my Wednesday post.

    Dudley- Hahaha. I'm totally going to put that in now.

    Amy- Thanks!! Those are good points. Also, have you read the revised bits I sent you?

    Lizzie- Nice questions!! I'll have to write them down. (Maybe not the last three though) :)

  7. I think people like to hear about path to publication and they also like to hear fun stuff they might not hear anywhere else.

  8. That makes sense... What kind of fun stuff?

  9. I'd like to know what the author does when the characters take over the story and run amok, doing things that aren't supposed to be part of the story. How does an author control her characters? (Not that I'm speaking from personal experience or anything, just as a matter of idle curiosity.)

  10. Oooh, I have an idea! She should get some other nosey writer who likes asking questions and who also has blog space to fill to do an interview. And if it is to be video... can you video a Skype conversation? Hmmm...

  11. Now that's a very interesting idea. I don't know if you can videotape a Skype. But I can find out...


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