Monday Snippits.

Quick writing update:

-The agent who had my full is no longer taking queries and her agency is closing. (Sad for me, but sadder, I think, for her.)

-We sold my old car for more than we were expecting and my husband offered me the money so I could get the first few chapters of Houses (the newly rewritten ones) professionally critiqued. I, of course, was all over that! Should get the feedback in a few weeks.

-I'm about five chapters away from finished The Great Rewrite. When it's done, off it goes again to see if I can interest an agent.

-I miss my new book, my current work-in-progress. But I know that this separation is a good thing. My writing has gotten so much stronger through rewriting Houses, and that will benefit the new book as well.

I hope.

-This month's great writing lesson appears to be this: Curb your impatience. A not-quite-ready book will get you no farther than a first draft. Take the time to make it perfect.

(I do not like this lesson at all, but I'm reluctantly learning it.)

Have a great week!!


  1. I hate that lesson, but it's one I have learned...the hard way...several times. How exciting about the pro crit on Houses! I am anxious to see what they will say.

    And alas, I'm still swamped busy and haven't had time to read your revisions yet. I haven't forgotten though!! I just need to get through this week and I should have some time.

  2. just goes to show us that no area of the arts affords the artist instant graitfication. Sometimes, the gratification is afforded to the artist after (s)he is dead. And they dare call our lives glamorous?

  3. Oy. The patience lesson. Over and over again. It's beaten into us, isn't it.
    Yay for the rewrite, the critique, and the car sale.

  4. Amy- Don't worry, just whenever you get to it. :-) Maybe I'll send the critique out to you guys when i get it. That way we all can benefit!

    Nicky- So true... I'd be happy to be remembered after I'm dead, but I'd prefer it a little sooner. :-)

    Do you think writing is prone to breed impatience more than other art forms? I don't know anyone who says "I've had six months of guitar lessons, I think I'm going to send in this song and it'll make me the next David Crowder".

    PJ- I hate waiting for patience. :-) And thanks again for the great imput, it really helped my rewrite. Especially the pronoun thing. I'm afflicted with unclear pronouns!

  5. Ah, patience. It really is one of the core lessons that writers need to know, isn't it? If one could just master that first, they could probably go on to be the most brilliant writer ever because they could painstakingly hone their craft, then write, then edit again and again and again, and all the while be happy as a clam.

  6. I like that! Patience= brilliant writer. I should put that up somewhere...

    Just a side note, why do we say "happy as a clam?" I've never noticed clams cavorting with joy... :-)

  7. That stinks on the agent front but sound like you have the right attitude. Keep[ plugging away.


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