Monday Snippits

A Summer Haiku

Ninety-eight degrees

With no air-conditioning

One very dead brain

That is all.


  1. lol, I know the feeling. :)

    You're probably getting the heat wave that hit the costal Washington. My sister lives in Seattle, and also has no air conditioner. Yikes. Hope things cool down soon!

  2. My Summertime Haiku

    Summertime Weather

    With my air-conditioning

    Stay comfortable

  3. Oh, I feel your pain! We were without air-conditioning last week for a couple of days with temps like that. Hope that air cools you back down soon!

  4. Right back at you:

    Texas is fire hot
    The sun will never relent
    Hot hot hot hot hot

    (Bad, I know)

  5. Renee- Yeah, working in Pullman I see a lot of Seattle-ites. They have not been happy with the weather either. :-)

    Amy- Thanks. The ironic thing is that in Boise we had air conditioning, so it was hotter, but not quite as hard to deal with. Oh well...

    Marty- Thanks Dad, your sympathy is overwhelming. :-)

    Dorraine- It should only last until the end of the month, fortunately. And people keep saying, "It's better than snow and 20 degrees." Yeah, I'm voting for snow at this point...

    PJ- Harharhar. I wouldn't live in Texas for anything less than a million dollars, so you have my admiration.

  6. Hot humid summer day

    The best air-conditioning

    A dip in the lake


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