Let's talk social networks!

 As I learn more and more about social networking sites on the Internet, I've come to realize something.  It's not enough for me to just join a network. To be successful at it, I have to know WHY I'm doing it and what I intend to get out of it.

Each of the sites below fill a specific niche for me.  You can click on each link to see what I've done with it.


Facebook Profile-

Access Level: Low

Don't let the 300+  friend count fool you.  Facebook is my safe place.  Those are childhood friends, high school friends, college buddies.  Family, family friends, people from Coeur d'Alene and Boise. There are also writers I've met, work friends, and fellow bloggers.  There are less than a handful of people on my profile that I don't know, and I'm VERY careful who I allow on.

Comfort level: High 

I can be silly or serious or whatever and know that some random stranger isn't going to troll me.

Promotion level: Low 

Aside from occasional status update, you won't find much of my book info on this page.  We've all had that friend that got into that great business selling insurance or phone service or whatever.  Usually it makes them bad company.  They talk about it all the time.  I don't want to be that friend, so on my Facebook profile it's all about relationships: you, me and life in general.

Facebook Page-

Access Level: High

Any one can join if they have a Facebook account. 

Comfort Level: Medium 

At the moment, I know almost all the fans on the page.  Eventually, that will change. I won't know every person that comments, but that's okay.  I'm so comfortable with Facebook in general that it's hard to be nervous.

Promotion Level: High 

This is my professional writer face, and it's ALL  about the book here.  A lot of book promotion, contests, excerpts, occasional email updates and a live feed from my blog.


Access Level: Semi-limited 

Anyone can follow me, (unless you are a porn-gremlin, and then I will swat you with a rolled-up newspaper), but I don't always follow those who follow me.  Most the people I follow are blog friends, regular friends, writers or agents. 

Comfort Level: Medium High 

I feel like Twitter is one giant conversation I can jump into at any time.  The ability to block people, and to choose whom I follow, makes it a friendly place for me.

Promotion Level: Medium 

Twitter is much more about building relationships and swapping information than it is about promotion.  But it IS a great way to let people know what's going on.  "I posted a blog here", "Read a great review of my book", etc.  As long as you keep it balanced, no one seems to mind.


Access Level: High

I'm keeping the profile open for everyone with a Myspace account.

Comfort Level: Low  

I started drifting away from Myspace when people started putting up profiles and flair that made my computer freeze.  As a result, I'm not used to the format.  Then why be on Myspace?  Well, this is why.   I want to be available to as many  readers as possible.  (BTW, If anyone has any Myspace suggestions, they would be welcome)

Promotion Level: Medium-High

While this is also a professional site, I'm not sure what promotions I'll use it for.  Eventually it will probably be much the same as my Facebook page, a place for readers to access me and my books.


Goodreads~  So far I haven't gotten much into the social side of Goodreads.  I know a few people on there, but I mostly use it to keep track of my "How many books in a year?" project.

Redroom~  This is a very cool place, but not one I've made a whole lot of connections at yet.  It's a bit like going to a giant online writer's conference where you don't know anyone.  You have some cool conversations, you hear some great stuff, and you people-watch.


I was also going to talk about blogging as a social networking tool, but this post is waaaay long.  So I'll save it for Wednesday.  But other that that, this is me, these are the places I hang out and the networks I'm on.

What are YOU on?


  1. I'm out of MySpace. There were too many porn spammers, and it made me feel creepy and dirty to just log on.

    But I adore GoodReads! It is so much fun to see what others are reading, and I've had some great conversations about books through it. It's really fantastic.

  2. Very interesting, useful post! I'm terrible at marketing myself online, because I never keep up with it. I do want to do better, though.

    Thanks for the info!

  3. MySpace sucks. But I really love Facebook. At some point, however, I imagine the same thing that happened to Myspace will happen to Facebook. And then we'll all have to move on again.

  4. What a great post! It's nice to see you're breakdown of the various vehicles and you have some great points.

  5. This is a fantastic post!! SOO helpful for platform builders everywhere!

    I haven't gotten into redroom or goodreads yet. It all takes so much T I M E!!! I barely can keep up with the blogs I follow, the blog I write, the work that pays the bills, my writing, my kid, etc. I need to sit down and hatch a schedule: blogging MWF, social networks TTh...

    You sort of do that. What are your other secrets?

  6. Beth- Yeah, my husband avoids Myspace because of the abundance of icky ads. Goodreads is vey cool, though. How do you have conversations on it? I haven't gotten that far yet.

    Renee- The thing I've found about online marketing is it takes time to learn. I started exploring it a year ago, and I'm still not proficiant yet. The key for me is to be as consistent as possible.

  7. PJ- Oh, I hope not! It took me forever to track down people on Facebook. I'd hate to have to start over. That said, I haven't had any of the problems I've had with Myspace. Yet.

    Angela- Glad you enjoyed it!

    Amy- The biggest secret I have is to be consistent. If you can only blog one day a week, fine. But do blog that day. And sometimes you just have to say "I don't have time to read blogs (or Twitter) today." When that happens I star the ones I want to comment on later, and quickly scan through the rest.

  8. I keep thinking I should try Twitter. But I'm afraid I'll get addicted!

  9. Twitter can be addicting. Or overwhelming. :) But I find that it's pretty worth it.

  10. I had not heard of Redroom, so I will check that out. As for Myspace, I can't remember the last time I was there. I am much happier with Facebook. I enjoyed the post.

  11. Thanks Amy! (I agree, Facebook is much easier to use and more of my adult friends are on there.)

  12. Thanks for the run down. I've heard of most of these or tried some of them but it's interesting to see how other view them and are able to utilize them. Have a great day!


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