How to plot.

PJ would like me to talk about plots, and how to make them exciting throughout.

I would love to do this, but unfortunately I know very little about plotting. When things get boring in my books, I tend to just throw in some action. Punch someone in the face, drop a rock on them, etc.

This makes for good action scenes, but action is not always plot.

(This is my one original contribution to this discussion: Action is not always plot.)

HOWEVER, as any good customer service person knows, you don't always have to know the answer but you SHOULD know where to go to find it.

And I know just the people you should listen to.

Robert Gregory Browne on How to Seduce your Readers.

(I loved, loved, loved this post. It's helped me so much with pacing and story arc.)

Sarah Rees Brennan
on The Trilogy Rule

(Again, some great ideas on pacing over the course of several books. Also helps answer the question "How much plot should go in the first book of a series or possible series?")

And here are a few of Terry Brooks' Ten Rules of Writing Fiction

- The Strength of The Protagonist is Measured by the Threat of the Antagonist

-Movement Equals Growth, Growth Equals Change, Without Change Nothing Happens

And my personal favorite:

- Don't Bore the Reader.

There. Now you all know as much about plotting as I do. Have fun!!


  1. I'll take it! I need to do some reading up on the subject, and this is a great list!

  2. So i was reading Christian a book before he went to bed tonight and after this was the following conversation:

    Christian: Are you coming back tomorrow Lizzie?
    Me: Yes, I am coming back to mow the lawn.
    Christian: But Lizzie how are you going to get here?
    Me: You're momma is going to pick me up.
    Christian: Oh okay, how are we going to get there?
    Me: Momma is going to drive and pick me up in the car.
    Christian: Oh okay, do you know how we can get there quickly?
    Me: How Christian?
    Christian: Well we can get the elephant and the elephant can have a skate board and we will get the elephant on the skate board and ride him, and thats how we will get to house quickly, okay lizzie!

    There is a plot for your next childrens book right there. lolz

  3. Sweet! You did the digging, we do the reading! Love it! Thanks., thankz.

    (I don't get the z thing. must be a gen y thing)

  4. PJ- I'm glad it helped!!!

    Lizzie- See, this is what I mean. Action is not alway plot. But a skateboarding elephant would be pretty sweet...

    Amy- The z thing is something I picked up from Lolcats actually. And also by following Maureen Johnson's tweets. Most entertaining YA author tweets out there, in my opinion. :)


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