An Agatha Christie Poll !!!

As per a very good question from Beth in response to my tweet yesterday about reading Dame Agatha Christie, I've put together this little survey.

Which are your favorite Agathe Christie books/detectives AND WHY...

A. Hercule Poirot

B. Miss Marple

C. Tommy and Tuppence Beresford

D. Parker Pyne

E. Harley Quin

F. I don't have a favorite listed here, I prefer the stand-alone ones. (Please provide an example.)

G. I don't know who Agatha Christie is OR I know who she is but I've never read her. (Shame on you, sir! Shame, I say!)

As for me: My favorite detective is Parker Pyne. He's a fascinating man who specializes in happiness. He knows exactly what people need, and has a vast network of connections to make it happen. Most of his short stories are found in the book: Parker Pyne Investigates

DISCLAIMER: My absolute favorite Christie character is Adriane Oliver the writer. She's hilarious, and makes a show in several books. Sadly, though, she's never considered a main character and never makes a right guess.

All right, YOUR TURN!!!!

Who's your favorite?


  1. Tommy and Tuppence! Tommy and Tuppence!

    Although Parker Pyne is a close second, followed by a few of the Miss Marples (although some Marple got repetative...and that old lady sure did find a lot of bodies to be believable).

    Those are what I like to *read*. But when it comes to TV, Hercule Poirot is classic. I don't know why--I never liked him as a reading character, but as a TV character, he was great.

    *But* the stand alones are also usually very good. Some of her best classics are from there, and I love all the popular ones.

  2. I admit it. I don't have a favorite. Wasn't Ten Little Indians (And then there were none) a stand alone? It was my fav.

  3. I have never read Agatha Christie (maybe because I'm not that into mysteries).

  4. Beth- Tommy and Tuppence were my favorites for a while. I haven't watched many of the TV ones, but I should. Several of my favorites are Poirot though, but that could be because of Mrs. Oliver. :-)

    PJ- Yep, And Then There Were None was a stand alone. And a brilliant work too. But I don't want to re-read it as much as the others. Soooo creepy. I watched the old movie version once, where everyone was stranded on top of a mountain instead of an island. It was kind of creepy too.

    Rebecca- Well, if you're not into mysteries, I guess I can exempt you from the shame. :-) I would recommend them though, if only for writing study. The plots are harp-string tight.

  5. Is that from The Sandlot? I know that quote...

  6. Yep! My old boss used to say it all the time. Now I'm suddenly hit with the need to go watch that movie...

  7. It's so hard to pick favorites - I was taught as a kid not too now humph let me think . . .

    Well favorite detective is hard can I say Angela Lansbury ? :)

  8. YES!!! You have found the magic answer to all questions. You get a cookie. :-)

    (Is it weird to say I want to be Jessica Fletcher when I grow up?)

  9. Hi. I loved the Ten Little Indians. The other detectives I know mainly from the TV series, and I am enjoying the Miss Marple episodes a lot.

  10. Hi, Lori. Ten Little Indians was a genius book. I may have to start watching of the TV ones, because I've gotten several recommendations. *goes to netflix* *rummages around* :-)


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