My last 48 hours...

Seven adults, three children under five, one bedroom, one hallway, one large living room. Moving, lifting, hauling. Steaming scraping, dissolving, priming, painting, trimming.

The ugliest wallpaper in the world, several dead spiders, a tall, rickety ladder. Two doctor's visits, one feeding tube, an overdrawn checking account, seven trips to Home Depot, three major screaming tantrums and a partridge in a pear tree.

We just got home. I need a nap.



  1. A nap?? You need a weekend spa treatment. Now here's my question ... WHO had the screaming tantrums, and please tell me they weren't IN Home Depot.

    Welcome home ...

  2. Oy. Sounds like a doozy. Relax.

  3. Just as long as there isn't a dead cat under here!


  4. Joanne- The tantrums were my four-year-old nephew and my two-year-old neice. And they were at home, thank the good Lord. :-)

    PJ- Heck yeah I will. *grin*

    Rachel- OMG! I forgot about that! hahahahaha... That was super gross.

  5. Glad you're home and can relax. :) and maybe write.

  6. OMG!! My confirmation word was:
    ;) That bodes well for my weekend in San Francisco!! :)

  7. Dang. Blogger ate my comment, I guess. Have fun Amy!


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