More opinions pleez...

Thanks for the great suggestions on Wednesday! (If you didn't get a chance to air your opinion, feel free.)

One more question. I'd like to put up a Best Of/Most Popular list on the sidebar. But again I need advice.

What are YOUR favorite posts from the last year?

Happy Fourth!


  1. Hm, I always like to read about the journeys of other writers, so I'd pick your post about the road to publication with Oaktara. It gives your readers a background to your work, and I think other writers who stop here would enjoy reading it, learning about publishing possibilities.

    Hope you're having a Grand Fourth! My daughter saw on Good Morning America that it was going to be 94 degrees in Boise today!! Wow, we were in the high 70s, dry, with finally, much sunshine.

  2. Good point, Joanne. I'll have to include that one definitly.

    My Fourth was great. It was about 91 in Moscow/Pullman when I got off work, but by the time we picked up some food and came home, it was cool and breezy. Moscow weather is awesome!


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