Monday Snippits

Miriam's Writing and Publishing News.

~ Stories for Children online magazine accepted an article of mine about Chile, and it's in this month's issue! *does happy dance* To see it, click here.

~This is actually the second online article I've had published. The other one was on coffee tasting, and you can find it here.

~ Remember this book? Well I gave it a rest while I moved, and then armed with advice from my writer's group (hi, Amy and Neysa!), a reminder about scaffolding from Rachel's blog and some stellar input from the lovely PJ, I started revising it.

Hardcore revising. Shuffling scenes around, adding new ones, reworking several characters. It is So Much Work. :-( But paradoxically, I'm having more fun with the story than I've had in months. I'm about half done--hopefully that was the hard half--and it's coming together really well.

~ Oh, and BEFORE I FORGET: Amy has been hosting a fundraiser for 826 Valencia, an organization that helps kids who want to write. All you have to do is click on the link above and go follow her blog or leave a comment on her page, stating your favorite flavor of jelly. There's only a day left, so you should check in out!

~ Remember this character? Well he's been to counseling, and he wants to try again. I'll introduce you to him on Wednesday!


  1. Congrats on the article. I pray many more to come for you!

  2. hey--thanks for the shout out! What book are you revising so intensively?

  3. OOOH!! It's Houses.
    Well -- I'm glad you're having fun with your writing! :) Can't wait to see the revisions!

  4. Congrats on the two articles, very nice! I never would've dreamt you could be employed as a Coffee Taster; that seems like a really informative site as well. And the Chile article, well, great voice and content in your article, perfectly suited to the audience. Raising my coffee cup in a toast, and happy writing to you ...

  5. Diane- Thank you!

    Amy- Yep, it is Houses. I shorted the chapters and am making a bunch of other changes. (such as Katrin and Teshin start the story in love and meeting secretly.) Would you like to see the first six chapters?

    Joanne- I find coffee to be a fascinating subject, one I want to write more on someday. Thanks for reading the articles, and thanks for the toast!

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  7. Miriam --
    I would love to see the first six chapters, but can we wait until next week? I have a huge set of drawings to get out this week.
    Can't wait!! :)


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