Meet the Character: Tamas

Remember the character I hated? The one who refused to be written true?

Well, he's back.

Tamas is a nobleman from a very isolated, caste-based empire. Like all young nobleman, Tamas is putting in his three-to-five year service to the Emperor. In his case, it's as a royal courier, ferrying messages in and around the court.

He's also a huge pain to write.

After serious negotiation involving him and his agent--don't ask me how the character gets an agent before the writer does--we have come up with a compromise.

Tamas gets a much larger piece of the book, starring as the primary love interest, AND an introduction to you lovely folk. In return, I get a character who makes an effort to be consistent, realistic, and actually pulls his own weight.

(I'm not sure I got the better part of this deal.)

EDIT: There used to be an excerpt here, but I took it down to avoid spoilers.

So that's my most troublesome character. Thoughts, anyone?


  1. Very nice! You write romance well!

  2. Yes, very well written, no problem there. Now my impression - you refer to him as your most troublesome character. Could that be because he'll be troublesome for Katrin as well? He seems just a little callous maybe? Like he's not all that concerned for the consequences to her should their relationship be discovered. He's not really taking her worry seriously, kind of brushing it off.

    If this is what you intended, it works! I like having this insensitivity in the character, it almost creates a conflict in itself between the two of them. Hm, troublesome, indeed! A nice twist for the reader to monitor.

  3. Hey hon...I think it is pretty good but the first two kisses (the warm and deep ones) need some revision- in my opinion it didn't flow very naturally. The last one- the kiss on the forhead seemed more natural...maybe because Teshin seems rather uptight and straightforward...


  4. PJ- Thanks! I'm always nervous writing romance. I can do subtle attraction pretty well, but once the characters actually fall for each other, it seems like all they want to say are sappy cliches. :P

    Joanne- That is exactly what I was going for. Part of my problem has been setting up a scene for them that happens near the end of the book. There's lots of conflict, but laying the groundwork for it was tricky. I'm glad it seems to be working!

    Rachel- Eh. I hate writing kisses. It's one of the few places where my powers of description desert me. Thanks for the imput!

  5. I love the twist this will put on the rest of the book! Can Teshin pick Katrin on the day of reckoning (or whatever it's called)? have a typo in the second line. And in the 'longest, deepest kiss Katrin had ever known', I don't think they would laugh afterward. I think they might collapse under a tree and try to get their bearings and regroup themselves. But not laugh...too blithe.

    Can't wait to read this next week! xo

  6. Amy- I can't wait to send it to you! Thanks for the input. :-)


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