At the last minute!!

Sorry about that, but there's no Monday Snippets post today. I blame wallpaper. Specifically I blame the people who paint over wallpaper and then put wallpaper on top of that.

See, I'm up visiting my parents, helping with a major move. And the project for today was to strip the living room wallpaper.

Except under the light blue paper was this...

Ugliest. Wallpaper. Ever. Also, it appears to be stuck on with superglue.

Six hours later, we're only half done. I've got paper in my hair and goo on my fingers and no blog post.


But all is not lost. I'd love to hear from you! You can vote for your favorite post here, or give me a suggestion to improve the blog here.

Thanks all! See you Wednesday!


  1. Oh, I've so been there, done that, with the wallpaper. Why oh why do people paper over paper and paint? The steaming, the scraping, the gouging the sheetrock or plaster. Oy. You have my sympathy :(

  2. Wallpaper--yeesh. That's got to be the number one more aggravating home improvement task.

  3. I hope you're using a steamer! though i've only removed border, it worked great!

  4. Joanne- Thanks for the sympathy. You just described my last two days! :-)

    Renee- My entire family has taken a pact to NEVER, NEVER, NEVER put up wallpaper EVER again. We may not even buy a house with wallpaper. Yeesh indeed...

    PJ- We had a steamer and it worked okay. But some of that paper was just flat out welded to the wall. :-(


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