My favorite way to sound silly.

I call it the Lolspeak Mystery.

Apologies to my brother-in-law, and anyone else who can't stand the lolcat craze, but I am a big fan. So is my husband, which often leads to interesting and bizarre conversations.

ME: Are we out of milk?

HUSBAND: Yeah, I drank the last of it.

ME: I has a sad. *gives husband sad pouty face*

HUSBAND: Ahh, the cute! My head asplode!

Part of it is the pictures of course. Some of them are just plain adorable. And some of them are hilarious.

But none of that explains why we TALK like this.

We are both intelligent, creative people who delight in using words well. Especially me. And yet between ourselves, we often lapse into this Internet shorthand. We find it unspeakably funny to shorten words and mangle grammar.

Can anyone tell me why that is?


  1. Because you're both intelligent enough to have mastered regular English and are bored with it. Maybe when you're done with internet speak, you can borrow my Croatian tapes? :)

  2. Hey Miriam,
    Are you actually in Moscow? Give me a call (#in the local phone book). I'd love to see you.
    Diane McGarry

  3. Amy- Ooo... Croatian sounds cool. And we do get bored rather easily. :-)

    Diane- Yep, we're here! (hooray!) I'll try to give you a call in the next few days.


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