My favorite way to drink water...

A few weeks ago I made a resolution to drink more water. Again.

I make this resolution a lot, and yet my water consumption doesn't really increase. I like water, I know I should drink it, but it never seemed to happen.

It was one of life's mysteries. How is it that I can drink rivers of soda at restaurants, but can't finish a bottle of water?

And then I bought this:

And I learned something about myself. It's all about the straw.

My brain is wired to slurp things out of straws. Now I just take my cup, fill it with water before I go on the computer, and I drink without even thinking about it, just the way I do with soda.

In fact, I'm pretty sure my brain thinks I AM drinking soda....

There's only one problem. These cups are out of stock now, so I have to be extra careful with it. If I lose it I'll have to wait until next summer to get another one. (Also, I wish it wasn't so tall, it doesn't fit in my cup holder.) But still, it's a marvelous invention.

How do you trick yourself into doing things that are good for you?


  1. For me, it's walking. I'm one of those people who parks further away from the store just to walk, takes stairs instead of elevators, walks up escalators. I've just enmeshed walking into whatever I do, in any way I can. So I don't know if it's a trick, it's just my way now so I don't really think about it. Have a great Saturday!

  2. I always make this resolution!
    For me, a water bottle makes a huge difference. When I use a cup, the convenience is gone.

  3. Joanne- Hooray for walking! My husband does that all the time, runs up stairs while I take the elevator, etc. (I'll take stairs if I'm going down, but going up is hard on my knees.) Good for you!

    PJ- I'm with you on the cup thing. Plus, an open cup is scary for me to have around my computer/Dana. (Since I'm a klutz and all...)

  4. I use wheat flour and applesauce in my banana bread. I LOVE banana bread and everyone raves about how yummy my version of it is. Hee hee. :-)

  5. We have the same trick! I have no idea why I like drinking out of starbucks cups so much (I never was a soda person) but it sure makes it easier to get enough water. How much are you aiming to drink each day?

  6. Emily- Hooray! Since I started this, my goal has been to drink four to five 20 ounce cups of water every day, and I'm actually pretty consistent with it.

    I drink one when I get up, one right before bed, at least two cups while I'm at work, and generally one in the evening. It's become such an ingrained thing that I don't even have to drink from a straw anymore, though that's still my favorite way to do it. :)


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