My favorite thing about Moscow so far.

Trees. Definitely trees.

I was raised in Eastern Washington, in and around Spokane, and my family has lived in the Coeur d'Alene area since I was sixteen. Both of those places are very green.

Boise, despite its many wonderful attributes, is not very green. Boise is surrounded by desert. In fact for the first two years I lived in Boise, I was asking. "Where are the trees? Why don't you all have any trees?"

Boise-ites hated that. And I did, eventually, get used to it. I even forgot it.

Until we got to Moscow, where there are trees and underbrush galore. That's when I realized that trees make me happy. VERY happy. In a weird way, it feels like coming home again.

Speaking of trees, we're actually a short walk from the arboretum! Unfortunately, this is the only picture of it that I could get to paste here, but I will try to post more (hopefully ones that WE take) in the coming weeks.

So for your viewing pleasure...

UPDATE: Apparently this picture was unpostable, so I had to withdraw it. Sadness...)


  1. I do love trees! I miss them in Austin.

  2. Yah for green! (I admire you for living in Texas. The heat down there scares me to death.)

  3. Yes, Boise will always be brown in my mind. :)

    I'm glad you have trees again!

  4. I'm in New England, where I think there are more trees than people, and we keep planting more! I love them too, the changing foliage, the shade, the majesty of them. Glad you're back with trees :)

  5. Yes, I have to admit Boisians do get defensive about the trees, since after all, we are supposed to be the City of Trees. We forget that Boise is so named not because we have the exclusive niche in leafy-ness, but because the fur-trappers who named the area were astonished to find a pocket of trees in the middle of the FREAKING DESERT. Yeah. We forget that part.


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