My favorite adult food.

Those of you who have been following for a while may remember my abiding love of comfort food, specifically chicken soup and mac'n cheese. I have to say though, that my tastes are changing. I'm eating far more Asian food these days, (Thai, Chinese, Vietnamese, etc.) as well as more Mexican food. I've even developed a taste for green curry.

For this, you can blame my husband, who--very gently and sweetly--has set out to wean me from the world of mild kid-esque food. And I'm liking it more than I ever expected.

I've even found an adult comfort food!

This is Pho- pronounced 'fur'. It's a huge bowl of beef noodle soup served at most Thai and Vietnamese restaurants. And it is delicious!

(This is how delicious it is. I actually ate some a few hours before writing this post, but looking at that picture makes me want to eat it again. Yum.)

Now, I'm not a total convert. It is still soup, after all, and I don't put any extra spice in it. But it's a good step up from Campbell's chicken noodle. And my tolerance for spice is growing, so who knows?

Any foods you love now that you disliked as a kid?


  1. Brussel sprouts, onions, mushrooms, vegetables in general.

  2. My food tastes have always favored the plainer dishes, but I guess I'd have to say I like vegetables more now. Salads, on the grill, fried, broiled. I could easily make a meal out of just veggies now, and often do.

  3. Love Pho!

    I never got a taste for liver. Thought it was gross as a kid. Think it's gross now.

  4. Amy- I'm still not so much into Brussel sprouts, unfortunately. :-)

    Joanne- Is it a requirement that kids not like vegetables? I didn't care for them as a child either.

    PJ- Yeah, liver is gross. If it sounds like it could have come out of MY body, I prefer not to eat it. :-)

    Moonrat- YAH!! Also, I really want some more Pho. Again.

  5. All seafood, including sushi!! YUMM!! I'm so glad my taste buds grew up!

  6. I'm still iffy on sushi, but it's growing on me. :-)


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