Noooo...... They be stealin' my Internetz!*

So my husband has finally prevailed.** The Internet at our apartment is being shut off. And my computer is being disconnected tonight so that we can store the desk.

(Insert sounds of weeping and wailing and gnashing of teeth)

But all is not lost. I should have access again on Saturday, once the move to my in-law's house is complete.

Until then, have fun!


*Click Here

**by prevail, I mean he has gently and firmly detached me from clinging to my monitor and yelling "You'll never take us alive!" Not a pretty sight.


  1. A move, and a loss of internet. Oh boy, you've got it bad :(

    Good luck, hope all goes well. See you when you get connected again!

  2. Ah, moving. I've been there. Recently.

    Sorry about losing your internet. Hopefully you come on back soon! :)

  3. Oh no!!!!!!!! [a la Mr. Bill]

    I'll miss you until Saturday! Well, except for seeing you tonight at critique group.


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