My 100th book!

So, sometime in the last few weeks, I read my 100th book this year!

*wild applause*

Unfortunately, I have no idea which book it was! :-) So I'm going to pick one and do a special review. But which? It has to be a new-read of course, and a five star, so that narrows it down....

Okay, I've decided.

TA DA!!!

I picked this book for this blog post for several reasons.

1. She's a debut author. Discovering a debut author with this kind of engaging voice is a rare and delightful pleasure.

2. It's one of the most original fantasies I've read in a long time. Fantasy is a genre I'm very familiar with, and it's hard to be surprised sometimes. This book not only surprised me, it made me long for more Eastern-based fantasies.

3. The cover oozes awesomeness. Look at it, so shiny and pretty. I'm not ashamed to say I put this book on my read-soon list based solely on the cover.

4. Cindy ran a great promotion contest over on her blog. I think that the contest was a fabulous idea, though I am too late for the deadline. New writers, take note!


5. This is an amazing book. Seriously. I read it in Barnes & Noble and by the end I had my hand clapped over my mouth so I wouldn't scream or whimper or yell. Here is a direct transcript of my thoughts while reading Silver Phoenix.

Ooo... I like the heroine's voice. And her dad is leaving, how sad. Whoa, demons! I like demons, very creepy. Mmm... okay, a quest, a spunky girl, a mysterious boy... very cool monsters. Should I give this a four or a five? I think I give out too many fives. This could be a solid four...

Wait, what's that? A dragon? Where are they going? What? Gods? What? Reincarnated? Wait? What? Oh no! No, don't do that.. Ack! How are they going to get out? What's going to happen now? How is she going to do this? What will happen next? Wait, a wedding? OMG, OMG, OMG, OMG, OMG, OMG....

*Book ends.*

Oh. My . Gosh. *looks around at other shoppers to see if anyone has noticed my squeals* Um...yeah, this is definitely a five-star.

So that's my official 100th book! See you Saturday, when I may or may not blog about the new Star Trek movie. (hahaha...)


  1. Congrats on your 100th book! That's a Whole Latte Reading! There's always something we can learn, or observe, in reading the books of others, as well as be entertained, as you definitely were here. How nice for a debut author to have such an engaging book in print, kudos to her!

  2. What a great review! I've been meaning to buy and read it!
    And congrats on the 100 books! I'm at 32!

  3. HOW have you read 100 books already?!

    but yeah, SILVER PHOENIX totally awesome.

  4. Joanne- Yeah it is a whole "latte" reading. But I like to think of it as research. And when people are writing books like this, who can resist.

    PJ- Yah for 32! You are a lot busier than I am, I think. :-)

    Moonrat- I'm obsessed. And some of them were quite short, like the Five Ancestors series. I think I read three of them in one day.

  5. this is AWESOME! please comment to win a signed copy of Silver Phoenix and an original brush painting by me OR a $100 bookstore giftcard. the contest is open THROUGH JUNE 8th. just comment here with a link back to this post!

    this entry gains 3 raffles and if you post your comments (which are so fun and great!) on goodreads or amazon, etc, those are 3 more raffles each. hurrah!!! thanks so much for reading and supporting my debut! =D it always thrills me when a reader loves the story!

  6. I'm reading Silver Phoenix right now! I'm about 3/4 done. It really is just plain awesome. I'm totally loving it!

    Also, might I add my WOW to the fact that you've read 100 books this year so far. SHEESH! That's like a book every day and a half! Way to go!

  7. Renee- I read all the time. I read on my ten minute break at work, at stoplights, in post office lines and when walking through the grocery store. And when my husband and I drive together, he always drives, so I get to read then too. Like I said, obsessed. :-)

  8. Cindy- Thanks! I'm so glad the contest isn't over yet. I'll go post those links now... :-)

  9. renee--thanks for reading! =D

    miriam, i always go with books with me too. i try to read as much as i can, but it's been a sloooow year for me. i think only a dozen so far. i couldn't believe it! but been super busy with books and launch this year!! good reasons!

    i got all your links on my contest. THANK YOU! fun! and you rock!


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