Funniest thing I've read all week.

Due to allergy yuckiness, and the need to finish one of my ongoing projects, I'm taking a break from long involved blog posts for the rest of the week. I will however be leaving you things to brighten your day. Such as this...

Jacqueline gave herself the mean satisfaction of tearing up the pretty little note, with its borders of pansies, that invited her to speak on how she got her ideas. If people only knew how that question maddened writers....

A writer didn't need "an" idea for a book, she needed at least forty. And "get" was the wrong word, implying that you received an idea as you would a gift. You didn't get ideas. You smelled them out, tracked them down, wrestled them in submission; you pursued them with forks and hope, and if you were lucky enough to catch one you impaled it, with the forks, before the sneaky little devil could get away.

~excerpt from Naked Once More by Elizabeth Peters


  1. Cute..liked the last line! But I do have to disagree...many many times I will just be going about my normal day, out and about, doing whatever, and an idea will just pop in my head... I have to write it quickly or it's gone forever! Once we were on our way to an amusement park, we had season passes, and an idea hit me. I couldn't write in the car, motion sickness, but as soon as we got to our destination, and my daughter was riding the kiddie roller coaster multiple times in a row, I pulled out the only sheet of paper in my purse....a supply list for kindergarten. I wrote on every spare inch of that paper. After that I stuck a notepad in my purse!

  2. Very nice quote. I only wish I had time to chase down the ideas that zoom past me every day.

  3. Oh so true. And when you think of the ratio of ideas captured, and then subsequently used, it's not that high. Even some we capture, we later let go.

  4. Ha ha! So true. I especially agree about the part that says a writer doesn't just need one idea, we need 40. Absolutely right!

    For the longest time, I have had the coolest opening to a story in my head. What happens after that? No idea. Who the characters are? No clue. I'm still waiting for those ideas to show themselves so I can tackle them.

  5. Stephaine- I do agree, a lot of ideas come like gifts out of the blue. (and then we must stick forks in them before they get away.) But only some of my ideas do that. The other ones that I need only show up after lots of work and writing. I loved your story, though. Way to catch the idea!

    Colleen- That's the nice thing about ideas. Even if we lose them, they'll often come back in a deeper and better form. (Also, you could get a notepad. And some forks...)

    Joanne- Kind of like mining, I guess. You have to sort through a lot of rocks to find the gold you're looking for.

    Renee- Ooo... perhaps you also should lay in a supply of forks? :-)


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