Ahh! Questions!

Okay, I have officially received more questions than I think I can cover in one post. :-) So this time I'll cover the easy ones.

Fries or Tots? Fries, but only if they're curly fries. Mmm... curly fries...

Chinese or Italian food? Italian all the way. I have a mild *cough* pasta obsession, and an abiding love of cheese.

See or be seen? See, probably. Being seen makes me very nervous. I prefer the sort of fame where people don't rush up to you in the store and start fainting. That's why I'm a writer. :-)

Go to the theater or be in a play? I was in a play once. I enjoyed it, but I'm not a very good actor. I do love going to the theater, especially Shakespeare.

Play soccer with friends or go see a game? (or, stay home and read a book?) Ha! Books win every time. Books aside, I haven't played soccer in a long time, but I think I would if it were with friends who don't care that I'm about as athletic as a manatee.

If you suddenly found yourself with an hour with nothing to do, what would you do? Probably read. Or write.

How about an evening? Put in a movie, pop some popcorn and chill on the couch. Or read.

How about a weekend? Call some friends to hang out, work on different writing projects. Or read.

How about a weekend, if money were no object? Go somewhere, like Seattle with my husband. Walk around town, go to the Experience Music Project, the bookstores. And of course, read. :) (I would say go on an Alaskan Cruise, but those take longer than a weekend.)

How much wood could a woodchuck chuck if a woodchuck could chuck wood? I have never understood the essence of this question. Do you mean chuck wood as in chew on it? Or throwing it maybe? I don't think a woodchuck could throw much wood, they're not very big animals. Maybe if it were wood chips...



  1. Y'all is a contraction of 'you' and 'all', so the correct spelling would be y'all. That's the official North Carolina perspective.


    I have been told by Arkansas-ians (who for some reason which baffles me, believe themselves to be 'southern') that the correct spelling is ya'll, being a contraction of 'ya' and 'all'.

    The choice is yours, though it probably doesn't matter, as most people who say 'y'all' can't read anyway.

    oops...did I say that out loud? ;)

  2. Nice learning more about you this way, looking forward to your writing answers this weekend.

  3. I'm with you on the free hour! I'd make the most of that!

  4. Amy- See, I knew that you would know this. And I'm going to ignore that last sentence, since I have no idea why I say y'all anyway...

    Joanne- Thanks! You and Renee's questions dovetailed so well, I wanted to give them their own post. That one's gonna be a bit scary to write though. :-)

    PJ- I actually get a free hour more often than I think I do. Or at least a free half hour. And it usually does go to some sort of reading. -grin-


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