Raindrops on roses and wiskers on kittens.

So I did say I might blog about the new Star Trek movie. Turns out, I lied. :-)

BUT... it was for a good reason. I hearby declare June to be...

Blog Your Favorites Month!!!

For the next month I will be blogging about all of my favorite things. (Feel free to break into song here...) I'll tell you all about my favorite foods, conversations, writing tools and whatever other random categories I can come up with. There will be Monday Snippits, but those too will have bits and pieces of my favorite stuff.

"But," I can hear you saying. "What about me?" Well, you can join in too. If you're a blogger, you can write about your favorite stuff. If you'd rather not, or you just like commenting, you can tell me about your favorite stuff in the comments thread. It'll be like our own private water cooler.

So girls, put on your white dresses and blue satin sashes, while the guys take potshots at the wild geese that fly with the moon on their wings.

Lets discuss our favorite things!

My 100th book!

So, sometime in the last few weeks, I read my 100th book this year!

*wild applause*

Unfortunately, I have no idea which book it was! :-) So I'm going to pick one and do a special review. But which? It has to be a new-read of course, and a five star, so that narrows it down....

Okay, I've decided.

TA DA!!!

I picked this book for this blog post for several reasons.

1. She's a debut author. Discovering a debut author with this kind of engaging voice is a rare and delightful pleasure.

2. It's one of the most original fantasies I've read in a long time. Fantasy is a genre I'm very familiar with, and it's hard to be surprised sometimes. This book not only surprised me, it made me long for more Eastern-based fantasies.

3. The cover oozes awesomeness. Look at it, so shiny and pretty. I'm not ashamed to say I put this book on my read-soon list based solely on the cover.

4. Cindy ran a great promotion contest over on her blog. I think that the contest was a fabulous idea, though I am too late for the deadline. New writers, take note!


5. This is an amazing book. Seriously. I read it in Barnes & Noble and by the end I had my hand clapped over my mouth so I wouldn't scream or whimper or yell. Here is a direct transcript of my thoughts while reading Silver Phoenix.

Ooo... I like the heroine's voice. And her dad is leaving, how sad. Whoa, demons! I like demons, very creepy. Mmm... okay, a quest, a spunky girl, a mysterious boy... very cool monsters. Should I give this a four or a five? I think I give out too many fives. This could be a solid four...

Wait, what's that? A dragon? Where are they going? What? Gods? What? Reincarnated? Wait? What? Oh no! No, don't do that.. Ack! How are they going to get out? What's going to happen now? How is she going to do this? What will happen next? Wait, a wedding? OMG, OMG, OMG, OMG, OMG, OMG....

*Book ends.*

Oh. My . Gosh. *looks around at other shoppers to see if anyone has noticed my squeals* Um...yeah, this is definitely a five-star.

So that's my official 100th book! See you Saturday, when I may or may not blog about the new Star Trek movie. (hahaha...)

More funny-ness!

Ever had a bit from television or a movie stick in your head? Well, this is one of my favorites.

Funniest thing I've read all week.

Due to allergy yuckiness, and the need to finish one of my ongoing projects, I'm taking a break from long involved blog posts for the rest of the week. I will however be leaving you things to brighten your day. Such as this...

Jacqueline gave herself the mean satisfaction of tearing up the pretty little note, with its borders of pansies, that invited her to speak on how she got her ideas. If people only knew how that question maddened writers....

A writer didn't need "an" idea for a book, she needed at least forty. And "get" was the wrong word, implying that you received an idea as you would a gift. You didn't get ideas. You smelled them out, tracked them down, wrestled them in submission; you pursued them with forks and hope, and if you were lucky enough to catch one you impaled it, with the forks, before the sneaky little devil could get away.

~excerpt from Naked Once More by Elizabeth Peters

Ahh! Questions!

Okay, I have officially received more questions than I think I can cover in one post. :-) So this time I'll cover the easy ones.

Fries or Tots? Fries, but only if they're curly fries. Mmm... curly fries...

Chinese or Italian food? Italian all the way. I have a mild *cough* pasta obsession, and an abiding love of cheese.

See or be seen? See, probably. Being seen makes me very nervous. I prefer the sort of fame where people don't rush up to you in the store and start fainting. That's why I'm a writer. :-)

Go to the theater or be in a play? I was in a play once. I enjoyed it, but I'm not a very good actor. I do love going to the theater, especially Shakespeare.

Play soccer with friends or go see a game? (or, stay home and read a book?) Ha! Books win every time. Books aside, I haven't played soccer in a long time, but I think I would if it were with friends who don't care that I'm about as athletic as a manatee.

If you suddenly found yourself with an hour with nothing to do, what would you do? Probably read. Or write.

How about an evening? Put in a movie, pop some popcorn and chill on the couch. Or read.

How about a weekend? Call some friends to hang out, work on different writing projects. Or read.

How about a weekend, if money were no object? Go somewhere, like Seattle with my husband. Walk around town, go to the Experience Music Project, the bookstores. And of course, read. :) (I would say go on an Alaskan Cruise, but those take longer than a weekend.)

How much wood could a woodchuck chuck if a woodchuck could chuck wood? I have never understood the essence of this question. Do you mean chuck wood as in chew on it? Or throwing it maybe? I don't think a woodchuck could throw much wood, they're not very big animals. Maybe if it were wood chips...


I'm back!

Hello, alls! I'm moved (temporarily) into my in-laws house and I have Internet again!

*Happy dance*

I do work today, so I'll try to post something fun tonight. Until then, I leave you with this funny-ness.

Bacon Flow Chart

Noooo...... They be stealin' my Internetz!*

So my husband has finally prevailed.** The Internet at our apartment is being shut off. And my computer is being disconnected tonight so that we can store the desk.

(Insert sounds of weeping and wailing and gnashing of teeth)

But all is not lost. I should have access again on Saturday, once the move to my in-law's house is complete.

Until then, have fun!


*Click Here

**by prevail, I mean he has gently and firmly detached me from clinging to my monitor and yelling "You'll never take us alive!" Not a pretty sight.

I do love books, have I mentioned that?

Some more delicious reads for you!

How to Be Bad (Hardcover) by E. Lockhart How to Be Bad E. Lockhart, Sarah Mlynowski, Lauren Myracle

This book should be retitled: How to Write Good Teen Characters. The three protagonist's voices really shine, and all of them are complex and totally believable. This book is about a road trip that three teen girls go on, but the road trip is only secondary to the way that each girl changes. Not to mention the way that they change together. A fun and well done read. 4 stars

Happens Every Day: An All-Too-True Story (Hardcover) by Isabel Gillies Happens Every Day: An All-Too-True Story Gillies, Isabel

I wanted to like this book more than I did. Isabel Gillies has a strong and engaging voice and I was interested enough to read the whole thing. But I don't identify well with the situation. A woman who thinks her life is perfect is devastated when her husband walks out and falls in love with someone else.

As an unreformed pessimist, I was frustrated by her original "life is perfect and love solves everything" mentality. And she does admit that she missed red flags, like the fact that she married someone who cheated on his first wife while she was pregnant.

Just reading that last sentence made me frustrated all over again. But despite my reservations, it did draw me in and keep me reading. 2 stars.

Foundation (Valdemar, Collegium Chronicles, Book 1) by Mercedes Lackey Foundation (Valdemar, Collegium Chronicles, Book 1) Lackey, Mercedes

I have read every Valdemar novel that Mercedes Lackey has ever written, so you can imagine how excited I was to see this on the shelf. Hint: there may have been a happy little jig involved.

And I wasn't disappointed. This book is as engaging as the others, and features one of my favorite types of characters; the outsider with an unusual mindset and unique skills.

In this case it's Mags, an orphan who's worked his whole life for a cruel and stingy mine owner. Mags has never owned anything, and until he's Chosen, he's never even had a decent meal. He's wary, intelligent, and possesses a fascinating knowledge of gemstones as well as the ability to keep his mouth shut. For me, this is comfort reading at its finest. 5 stars

A Girl, in Parts (Paperback) by Jasmine Paul A Girl, in Parts Paul, Jasmine

The best word I can come up with for this book is refreshing. It follows a girl named Dorothy from nine onwards as she grows up in the early 80's. The book is told in vignettes., which makes it surprisingly powerful.

Mostly what I liked about this is that it was completely unsentimental about childhood. I think sometimes we gloss over the 10-12 range, but this book clearly portrays Dorothy's struggles with identity, peers and family.

I found this honesty refreshing because I remember I felt just as smart and grown-up at ten as I did as a teenager. It also reminded me a quote I saw on Twitter the other day: "Kids are living stories every day that we wouldn't let them read." 4 stars

All right fellow book people, I'll see you Monday!
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