A Quick Six...

1. Busy, busy day at work, there was an MS walk downtown, and our Robie Creek marathon was today as well. My brain has pretty much stopped functioning...

2. Met some awesome authors at the Children's Literature Festival this weekend. People are so nice. Especially writers. ;-) Also, being around such lovely enthusiastic professionals made me want to finish my WIP even more.

3. Blogger's spellchecker hates the word "children's" every time I type it, it wants to change it to "childcare's".

4. My husband is at his parents house drywalling like a fiend, so we can move into their basement for a month.

5. This week, I've sorted/packed two closets, one desk, the entirety of my book collection and the mess under the bathroom sink.

6. I have this really bad habit of driving myself too hard when I get stressed. And I was mondo stressed this week, so now... Let's just say I'm not packing this weekend. :-)

Hope you all have a great weekend, and I'll see you Monday!


  1. Wow, you are busy, busy, busy. Take the rest of the weekend and relax! A little bit anyway. Good luck packing, hope it's almost done.

  2. You should drywall. It helps relieve the stress (seriously). I find physical labor really does the trick!

  3. Thanks Joanne!

    Pj- I know, physical activity is immensely helpful. My other problem is I've let my exercise routine fall by the wayside. Oh dear...


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