People always told me not to judge by appearances...

And yet I still do.

So I was going to do a funny post about not being able to make Google Analytics work properly(It said I only got three visits over a month.) But this is much more full of awesome!

Please click here.

I could say a lot of things about believing in yourself and never giving up and not caring what people think. But all I really have to say is "Way to go, Susan Boyle. And thanks for making my day better."

(In case you were wondering, I did figure out what went wrong with my Analytics setup, and now it says I've gotten ninety-five visits since Thursday. Which isn't bad at all...)


  1. I Loved the video! It was made of awesome!

  2. My profile view counter on the blog has been stuck on the same number for weeks. Is this what you're referring to with the analytics? And if so, help! How did you fix? Thanks ...

  3. Oh, videos like that, stories like that always make me cry. :) I love it!

    Thanks for sharing this!

  4. PJ- I know! I kind of expected her to be able to sing, but when she started I was blown away.

    Joanne- No, unfortunately. My problem was simply that I'd accidentally erased the google code on this blog page, so it was only counting visits to the Life of Books blog. I hope you get yours fixed!

    Renee- You're welcome!


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