No one ever told me I would get so picky.

I always thought of myself as a voracious reader. Someone who would read almost anything once. But this month, I've noticed some interesting trends.

1. I've started at least four books that I then set aside and never finished. And not bad books either, solid books with good reviews.

2. The new reads count on my Book Log was growing very slowly, both because of the reason above, but also because I only wanted to read things I'd read before.

3. Even with books I know and love, I found myself skimming to get to the parts I like.

All of this is a bit disturbing, but I'm pretty sure it's temporary. It's just that I'm in a specific reading mood this month.

This month I don't want depressing or uber-dramatic or heavy. I don't want to squirm or feel sorry for the character. I want upbeat, engaging fiction that makes me forget that my house is full of boxes and my book is still delayed and I'm moving in two months.

I was looking for something fun. And I finally found it.

This is what I've been reading all week:

Tiger (5 Ancestors) by Jeff Stone Tiger (5 Ancestors)

The Five Ancestors Book 2: Monkey (The Five Ancestors) by Jeff Stone The Five Ancestors Book 2: Monkey

Snake: The Five Ancestors: Book 3 (The Five Ancestors) by Jeff Stone Snake: The Five Ancestors: Book 3

Crane: The Five Ancestors Book 4 (The Five Ancestors) by Jeff Stone Crane: The Five Ancestors Book 4

Eagle (5 Ancestors) by Jeff Stone Eagle (5 Ancestors)

And this is what I'm now anxiously waiting to get my hands on:

Five Ancestors #6: Mouse Five Ancestors #6: Mouse (5 Ancestors)

The seventh (and final) book of the series can't come soon enough for me. If you like martial arts, or coming of age, or interesting twists, you should read this series. (And if you have a middle grade boy, you should definitely look into it.)

I don't know how Jeff Stone did it, because there are lots of serious things in these books: betrayal, loss, etc. But they are pure fun, and wonderful reads. 5 stars

And speaking of fun...

I'm on Twitter!!!

Yeah, I'm a sellout. But my husband was having so much fun on it, I thought "Why not?" So if you're on Twitter, you can follow me. And if you're not, you can laugh.

See you Monday!


  1. Don't you love it when you come across a book/author that you can't get enough of? It can really be inspiring. Enjoy your weekend too! P.S. I thought you were moving in sooner than 2 months! Much packing still to do :(

  2. I'm on twitter...but I don't know how. I haven't had time to hash it out yet. Once I do, I'll tweet you...or twitter you...or whatever the heck is the correct verbage.

    And I'm sure you're just antsy because of the move. As soon as you get settled, your reading will probably settle down too.

  3. I've read the first, but have yet to read the others in the series. Maybe I will now!
    And I'm holding out on twitter. Must I head down this path of evil?

  4. Joanne- I do love it, it's what makes me keep reading. (And writing!) As for moving... Depends on the definition. :-) We're moving out of our apartment in a week or so, but we're moving out of Boise on June 14th. I'm trying to forget the moving-out-of-Boise part.

    Amy- Yeah I'm still figuring it out too. I need to set it up to work from my phone, but I'm afraid... :-)

    PJ- You should! He's structured them so that the more you read, the cooler and more in depth the story gets. As for Twitter,if your fans and the people you love aren't on Twitter, I wouldn't bother.


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