Drumroll please....

Well, you all had some great answers to the "what is Miriam watching?" question, and I feel that they deserve notice.

#1. Shark Week- If this were a weekly show, I would totally be hooked. Unfortunately, it's not...

#2. Grey's Anatomy- LOTS of my friends watch this, but I've never gotten into it, oddly enough.

#3. Lost- If I had started watching at the beginning of the series, maybe. But I just saw an overview of the last four years, and it kinda scared me... :-)

#4. House- I have seen this show, and it is very funny. But I burned out on medical shows after my family's looong ER phase. (this may explain Grey's Anatomy as well)

#5. Xena Warrior Princess and Hercules- Yes, they're gone now. But they were great in our hearts! :-) I was especially fond of Xena.

#6. Chopped- Gosh, I've never seen it, but if it's that good I'll have to tell my husband to look it up. He's a big cooking show fan.

#7. NCIS- Wait, what's that about again? :-)

#8. Bones- This is a fun show. But I just can't get over David Boreanaz not being his usual tortured vampire self.

However awesome some of these shows may be, the shows that made me an addict again are...

(drumroll please..)

Castle and Lie to Me! Congrats to Amy and Stephanie for guessing the first one! You get a cookie!

(a cookie)

Honorable Mentions go to Joanne, who tells me I haven't missed much in four years, PJ, for managing to pull out two old series that I used to watch religiously and Nic for his good grace in not playing.

So what is it about these shows that has me hooked?

Castle: Oh, come on. What's not to love about a best-selling suspense writer who kills off his main character and bases his new one on a lady police detective? Of course this means he has to follow her around and help her solve cases. :-)

I think the thing that hooked me was in the first episode he has a poker game with James Patterson and Stephen J. Cannell. Seriously cool. Plus it has fun dialogue and it stars Nathan Fillion from Firefly.

Lie to Me: Okay, I'm getting a bit concerned about my obsession with this show, actually. It's based on the real-life work of Dr. Paul Ekman, a man who has studied emotion and deception for decades. (I have his books on request at the library as we speak.)

The show is about a consulting firm that can find out if people are lying, and what they're lying about, through such things as eyebrows, gestures, or the way they smile. It's amazing, and I want to learn it. Badly.

Thanks everyone for playing!


  1. I've heard great things about Firefly.

    For a minute I thought it might be the Sword of Truth series :)

  2. Ah, I've never watched either show!

  3. Note to self - strike Miriam and Dan from Wii Christmas fund for dissing NCIS.

    FYI Lie to Me spends way too much time visiting and revisiting how to be a human lie detector. It is like going to a Pysch class. Yawn!

  4. PJ- You would like Firefly. I never watched it while it was on TV, but I watched it on DVD and it was good. (I want to read some more of the books before I watch the Sword of Truth series)

    Rebecca- Well, they are both pretty new, but I'd recommend either one.

    Marty (aka Dad)- I'm serious! I know you told me the show was good, but I don't remember what you said it was about. (And I love pysch classes!)

  5. When you said you liked police type shows, I knew this had to be it!!

    Thanks for the cookie...I have a huge sweet tooth!!!

  6. I've heard of these, but have not seen either. Now sit me down in front of Buffy reruns, and then we'll talk.

  7. Firefly was a great show!! And I am hooked on Castle as well. I am one of those Grey's addicts. And you must watch Chopped on the Food Network! If Dan likes cooking shows I'm sure he would enjoy that. It is my favorite next to Iron Chef!

  8. mmmm...cookie! thanks!
    I didn't get hooked on Castle, I'm afraid. The guy is an ass--though I did love the poker game in the first episode. But my cop-show-of-chioce is Life on Mars. NCIS is also excellent! And I like Numbers. And The Unit.

  9. Ah, nice picks! I've never seen either of those, but they look pretty cool. Gotta love any show where a writer is the main character. :)

    P.S. I loved Firefly!

  10. Stephanie- You're welcome! Thanks for guessing!

    Joanne- Ahh, the Buffy era was fabulous wasn't it? It did lose some of it's charm for me when Seth Green left though.

    Nicky- Firefly was good. In fact I got really made at the friend who introduced me to it because I wanted the series to continue and it didn't. :-( Dan's currently very fond of Kitchen Nightmares.

    Amy- I do need to see NCIS, I've never watched it. Or Life on Mars. But Numbers is really good... So many shows, so little time!

    Renee- I know! It was kind of like Murder She Wrote came back to me. Sigh, I miss Angela Lansbury.

  11. Ah... cop shows. Bekah's more in to Castle than I am. My two crime mysteries are The Mentalist & Eleventh Hour. Strangly (as much as your sister shares your interest in procedural dramas) Bekah doesn't like those two series.


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