No one ever told me what to do when I run out of ideas.

Hey all! Here are some notes from AgentQuest...

From form rejections, I have discovered that "right" is an agent's favorite word.

"This project is not right for us"
"I am not the right agent for your work at this time."
"We did not feel it was the right fit for our agency at this time."

(Various references to time were also popular....)

But form rejections are what they are: form rejections. What were interesting were the two rejections I got for partials.

"This shows promise but it's not ready for publication--at least in my opinion."
"I didn’t quite find myself investing in the narrative as I would have liked."

Now all of these notes, especially the responses to partials, were kind and professional and emphasized the subjective nature of the business. What one agent does not like, another may adore, etc. And I do have one agent that requested a full that I'm still waiting on.

However, I'm thinking the book may need another overhaul.

*insert heavy sigh here*

The problem is, I feel like I've reached the limit of my knowledge. I simply don't know what to do to it, what it needs. This is an odd feeling, and one I've never had before.

So, assuming I'm not giving up, (which I'm NOT) where do I go from here?


  1. If you don't know what to do with it, then set it aside and leave it alone for now. Come back to it later and maybe something will come to you. Maybe start something else in the mean time?

  2. Form rejections suck.

    Emailing you offline.

  3. Rebecca- That's a really good idea, thank you. I am working on something else right now so thankfully this book is NOT my only focus.

    PJ- Amen! I'll go check my email... :-)


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