No one ever told me that my phone would hate me.

Yes, it's much later than I usually post. In fact some of you aren't even paying attention to the topic of today, which involves my phone, because you're thinking. "Gosh, why was she so late?" (I know this 'cause I got your email. Hahaha... )

By stunning coincidence "Why was she so late?" was also on the mind of my BOSS this morning when MY STUPID PHONE ALARM DID NOT GO OFF!!!!!


(In case you're wondering, that is a direct quote. It was, in fact, the first thing I said this morning.)

Apparently, my new phone alarm is a completely different creature than my old phone alarm. I just reset the alarm I'd been using all week instead of making a new one. My phone accepted this change, and displayed the little alarm clock on the front screen, telling me my alarm was on.

But it was LYING.

In reality, my phone alarm was set for Mon-Fri. And today is not Mon-Fri, today is Saturday, so my alarm failed to go off in any way whatsoever. Fortunately my husband woke up five minutes before I was supposed to be at work and looked at the clock.

Even with that bit of heroism, these are the things I did NOT get to do before work today...

1. Eat breakfast
2. Post my blog (which was going to be a lovely funny post on how much I hate synopses.)
3. Wake up.

So there is the answer to the question "Why was I late?" I hope you wonderful readers had a more relaxing Saturday. I now have to go exercise in preparation for eating copious amounts of pizza.

(I also hate trying to figure out the plural of synopsis, but that's a topic for Wednesday.)


  1. Oh, I had a day like that a few weeks back after I got my new phone too! I ended up being only 15 minutes late, but I completely missed my car pool and I was supposed to be the one driving. They called me right as I should have been leaving town and I got dressed and left in a record 10 minutes.

    I totally feel for you!

  2. Pizza sounds delish! Maybe Sunday night.

    BTW, I'm guessing $5 to ship SOT books media mail.

  3. "which was going to be a lovely funny post"

    I thought you loathed adjectives.

  4. Nikky- Thanks! Yeah, 10 minutes was about how long it took me, since I didn't eat breakfast. What I hate about stuff like that is that it throws your whole morning off. :-)

    PJ- Pizza WAS delish, but I ate too much as usual. (sigh) Okay, I'll discuss with my hubby and get back to you. Yah!

    Nic- I don't hate adjectives as much as adverbs (she said, snootily) but I forgot to mention that in the last post. :-) For some reason, this blog comes out a lot more like I normally speak, grammar errors and all. Oh well...

  5. I'm looking forward to reading about why you hate synopses!


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