A game! A game!

I'm about to make an extreme and hard to believe statement. Ready? Here goes...

I have not watched television for over four years.

See, I have a TV, but it's been playing movies and exercise videos only. I never hooked it up to an antenna or cable. I didn't have anything against television, there just wasn't anything on that I liked well enough to put up with the time drain.

Well now there is. And thanks to the marvels of the Internet, I'm a full-fledged addict again. I want to see every episode, possible multiple times, and talk about it to my friends. I glue myself to my computer to catch the newest episodes. I am pathetic. *grin*

What is this magic program that has brought me back to the television fold? Guess.

No, I'm serious. Guess. Down in the comments section. Go on. I'll give you three hints.

Hint #1 There are actually two television shows that I watch now. So you can guess one or both.

Hint#2 They're both an hour long.

Hint#3 I like one because it's hilarious and one because it's fascinating.

So leave your answer in the comments section and we'll see who's closest!

PS. Nic, sorry but you can't play. Since you and Bekah got me HOOKED IN THE FIRST PLACE!


  1. My only guess is that one has to do with Shark Week. ;) - Rachel

  2. Oh my gosh, I haven't a clue!! I was about to tell you that you haven't missed much in 4 years. Grey's Anatomy? That's all I've got ;)

  3. Okay, I'm guessing Lost and House.

    Am I close??? :)

  4. Awww. If I can't play, can I give hints?

  5. Also, great guesses so far everyone. I can't tell you any more of course, but I promise to reveal all on Saturday!


  7. I'll guess Lost, but only because that's the only show that I watch with regularity. There isn't much hilarity on TV in my opinion, unless you count America's Funniest Videos.

  8. Xena and Hercules?
    Oh, that was 12 years ago.

    I would have guessed Lost. I don't watch it, but people keep telling me I should.

  9. I have become addicted to Chopped on the Food Network....very interesting show!!

  10. Well I would say House for one and if I am wrong well then "oh snap!"

    The other is NCIS or maybe Bones

    BTW this is a really obvious troll for comments :P


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