Vacation time for me!!!

Hello, lovely readers, I'm going on vacation! To Moscow. Idaho. Which currently looks like this...

Okay, so it's not a cruise or anything. But I'll get to spend time with my husband and see my parents and not think about laundry or work or malfunctioning computers, so I'm pretty jazzed.

A few quick things before I go though:

1. My computer continues to send and receive email, EXCEPT when I'm specifically trying to send the last two chapters of my WIP to my writer's group. Creepy......

2. However, I just received a rejection from one of the last agents I emailed, (sniff) so I'm pretty sure all of my queries are getting through.

3. Speaking of computers, I just saw the movie Eagle Eye, which is about a defense super-computer run amok. About halfway through the movie, I turned to my husband and said "They should have used the Three Laws of Robotics." For some reason that made him laugh really hard...

4. I'm starting a new WIP! It's a young adult fantasy (of course) about a high-school girl who becomes a kitten. So now I look at everything and think: "Gosh, how would this look if I were very small..." I love this part of the process, when I'm doing all my thinking and planning, and right before I start the book itself. Writing the book is fun too, but very intensive, like a neck-and-neck race between my creative self and my easily-distracted self. The trick is to get the story down before distraction and doubt set in.

5. If there is Internet available to me on vacation, there will be a Saturday post. If not, I'll post again next Wednesday.


  1. Very intriguing sounding WIP! If you can get the attachment only of Houses to me, I am happy to forward to others and paste for Marie.
    Of course, I know that doesn't solve the problem. Perhaps you should use the Three Laws of Robotics.

  2. this will sound like a dumb question but what is WIP? Sorry :-) have a great vacation!

  3. Enjoy your vacation! It's nice to go home, take a little getaway from routine and daily stuff. May your journey inspire your WIP along the way (bring a notebook!)

  4. WIP = work in progress :)

  5. Have fun in Moscow!

    So sorry about the rejection. Just one more step on the path.

    I would have laughed at your robot joke also! I can actually picture us giggling over it. Weird, I know.

    The WIP sounds way cool!

  6. Amy- Ooo, good idea. I'll give that a try. Although Dan and I decided that it might be hard to integrate the Three Laws into computers. They would burn themselves out trying to keep people from hurting themselves. (and each other!)

    Chicke3- Thanks, and no, it's not a dumb question. It took me lots of reading to finally figure out what WIP means.

    Joanne- My Dana's already packed! I'm looking forward to six lovely hours of reading/writing.

    PJ- Thanks! (heeheehee...) Fortunately the sting of rejection was blunted by the happy realization that my queries did not get lost in cyberspace.

  7. Have fun on your vacation! And congrats on the new idea! I agree, the early stages are very fun. The possibilities are wide open, and you can take them as far as your imagination allows. So, enjoy! (The idea sounds fun, btw.)


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