No one ever told me my computer would sabatoge me

Quote from my last post: "We'll be back with more No One Ever Told Me on Wednesday!"

Yeah, I meant Saturday. Dang. But here I am as (kind of) promised. And with a brand new problem on my hands.

My computer hates my writer's group.

Seriously. I sent out an email with all of their addresses for last week's meeting. No one got it. I sent out another one a few days ago. No one got it. My computer says it was sent. The addresses have worked for seven months. But now it won't go through.


This dilemma is made more acute (yah, I got to use the word acute!) by AgentQuest '07. I've sent out several e-queries recently, and now I'm wondering if they were ever received. I may have to send a random email to a friend just to see if ANYTHING is getting through.

If not, I may have to go insane. Possibly with a sledgehammer.

Or a bat...

Now, normally, I would chalk this up to a technology fail, but I just finished re-reading Issac Asimov's The Complete Robot, and now I wonder...

The First Law of Robotics states that no robot may harm a human, or through inactivity allow a human to be harmed. Has my computer decided that writing is a source of potential emotional harm for me?

This email to my writers group is important because it has the last two chapters of my WIP. The agent queries are important because, well duh, they're agents. Perhaps my computer has decided that these responses are too important to me, and is attempting to protect me from rejection.

If so, tough cookies. I am determined to be rejected and disappointed and discouraged and no silly email program is going to stop me!

Now if you'll excuse me, I need to go buy a sledgehammer...


  1. check your sent items and deleted items. If your e-mail service has a size limit, sent and deleted items might have used up free space, eliminating your ability to send stuff.

  2. AND your computer doesn't like my blog, and I'm pretty sure you've posted there before so... ??? Did you send anything to the other address I sent?
    I'm going to send you something, and you reply to it. Maybe that will work?

  3. Oy! So frustrating!
    You know, I bcc myself on all important emails. That way if I get them, I'm pretty sure the other recipient did also.
    And thank you for defining NETM. I was about to google it.
    Happy computering.

  4. Nic- Oh, good idea! I've been sending a lot of stuff and it's time to clean out the email anyway...

    Amy- Okay that worked, so maybe it's just lots of addresses at one time that mess the thing up. Argghh...

    PJ- I LIKE that idea! I'm gonna start doing that. Sometimes I think I'm just too computer illiterate to do this writer thing... :-)


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