I'm back!

Ten things I learned this weekend....

1. You can get a lot of reading done on a six hour drive, but it gives you the munchies. (Mmm... string cheese...)

2. Moscow has better air than Boise. And even when it snowed, you could see the sun.

3. I've forgotten how to walk up hills. (Ouch, my calves!)

4. Writing death scenes is much more fun if you use run-on sentences. And it was more fun than I thought it would be. Hmm...

5. My parents are insane. (Seriously. Like buying-matching-tee-shirts-and-taking-silly-pictures-in-the-library-insane.)

6. People give you dirty looks if you start taking silly pictures in the university library.

7. College students do not know where the good steak is. Grandparents, however, do.

8. Steak makes a fabulous Valentine's day dinner.

9. Everyone owns this game but me. (Major pout)

10. It is very easy to READ on a six-hour car trip, but it is very hard to SLEEP. Especially when your seat doesn't go all the way back. (And not sleeping in a car when you're very tired turns you into a zombie.)

So that was my weekend. How was yours?


  1. Welcome back, sounds like you had a nice retreat, good food, good company, a good drive too! Isn't it nice to get home and feel like everything has a fresh look to it? My weekend was filled with the drama of buying a new tea kettle and toaster at the mall. ;)

  2. Don't feel bad, we don't own Settlers either (however, we should - Bekah loves that game).

    Did you know there's a Biblical version based on the tribes of Israel? It's called Settlers of Canaan. http://www.boardgamegeek.com/boardgame/3655

  3. Nice list of things learned! And that's hilarious on run-on sentences and death scenes. I'll have to see if I do that.
    Wow - 35 books so far! You are a reading phenomenon!

  4. Joanne- Thanks! We actually have to buy a new tea kettle today. Ours got melted yesterday. (Don't ask...)

    Nic- Um... gosh. I don't know how I feel about that. :-) I'm pretty sure the conquest of Canaan was really more of a Risk type of thing...

    PJ- Thanks, and I think the word you're looking for is 'addict'. :-) The death scene WAS fun though, it's the first time I've ever killed off a point of view character.

  5. Oh, I LOVE Settlers! And yes, I agree with you, everyone seems to own it! Not me, so I guess there are a few of us stragglers.

    Anyway, looks like you had a great trip of family and fun! (Or family and craziness, as the case may be.) :)

  6. I don't own that game...if that make you feel any better! ;) Ah, the hills of Moscow, can't say that I miss them all that much but I do miss Moscow. Are your parents living down there now?

  7. Renee- I'm glad to hear I'm not the only one. I'd buy it in a heartbeat if it didn't cost more than my current cell phone. Sigh. Maybe for Christmas...

    Nicky- No, my parents are still in Cd'A, but Dan and I are thinking about moving to Moscow in the summer so he can go to school. My parents came down to meet us. I'm excited to be closer to all ya'll. (Unless you MOVE of course...) :-)


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